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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Pick-up Artists Reveal Their Top Secrets!

Have you heard the term Pick Up Artist (PUA)? You have if you're read The Game by Neil Strauss! Dating has become enjoyable again for the many men who've read the book and are following its guidelines...

Have you heard the term Pick Up Artist (PUA)? You have if you're read The Game by Neil Strauss! Dating has become enjoyable again for the many men who've read the book and are following its guidelines. The tips discussed here should work well for you, whether you're experienced or new to dating, and will make your dating life pleasant and enjoyable.

Right off the bat, keep in mind that there really are two different kinds of pick up artists. The first kind studies long and hard, committing different PUA routines and stories to memory for later retelling to their targeted women. The pick up artist carefully crafts and hones each of these routines and stories, crafting them to make women feel more attracted to him. Of the different types of PUAs explored in Strauss' book, Mystery falls into this category.

The other type of pick up artist uses what Strauss calls the "natural game." The natural game involves the PUA relying not on memorized lines and routines, but on his own natural charm, wit and personality to achieve success with women. He approaches women and makes conversation spontaneously, relying on the circumstances of the immediate environment and the day's events for material. If you've read The Game, you'll recognize this approach as the one used by "Juggler."

Now there's nothing wrong with either approach. Personally, I like natural game the best, but if canned routines work best for you, by all means use those. Memorizing all that material, though, seems too much like work to me. And think about it - which would you prefer, being liked by a woman because of a story you fabricated, or because of your own personality, who you really are?

It doesn't matter which approach you use, however, if you don't concentrate on your inner game and who you really are. The term "inner game" is how we label your core beliefs and especially your level of self-confidence. This means that if you yourself feel unattractive, or shy, it's likely you're not going to approach a woman you find really attractive, regardless of the routines, tips and stories you've made up and memorized. The other side of the coin is this: if you're confident in your ability to approach and talk with women, you'll be able to approach any woman you want to - even the most attractive - and carry on a nice conversation without fear of being turned away.

Another point: take it easy. Don't expect to start at the top. If getting up the courage to talk with one woman is still an issue for you, it's not necessary to think about daing 5 women at once. When you find something in your path - an obstacle that keeps you from being successful - you must concentrate specifically on overcoming that obstacle. Shyness was my obstacle. To overcome my shyness, I devised a special challenge for myself. I had to talk with 100 strangers every week. You're going to run into obstacles, and it's your job to figure out how to overcome them.

I think, though, that of all the advice I could give, one of the most important is also one of the simplest: be consistent. Once you've found (or developed) an approach that fits your particular personality, stay with it! Too often, guys who want to be PUAs will spend all sorts of money buying all sorts of books and other instructional material, constantly jumping from one approach to another. After trying many approaches briefly, they'll denounce them all as ineffective. Honestly speaking, though, these guys could have saved themselves a lot of time and money if they'd simply chosen a single approach, learned it well, and stuck to it.

So that's my final advice for you - stick with the style that feels best to you. 

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