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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Sometimes Finding True Love Is All About Timing

Whether you've been in love once, twice, three times or many more times, finding true love is blissful and exciting. For most of us when we think back at finding our true love, we probably feel thi...

Whether you've been in love once, twice, three times or many more times, finding true love is blissful and exciting. For most of us when we think back at finding our true love, we probably feel things like gratitude and luck, as if the heavens had something to do with setting it all up. Finding true love is really about timing.


Men and women may look at finding true love a bit different. A woman perhaps might be more inclined to change her plans on the fly if she suddenly meets the man of her dreams. Men, however, are less inclined to make a commitment to someone if the timing is off. Even if the sex is really great and he is really in love, this thing called timing, is very important to men.


When a man is ready to settle down, it doesn't have much to do with her, his readiness comes from his own inner self. He most likely has achieved certain things in his life and he has successfully been able to check off some things on his list, and one day arrives the day when he's ready to commit to a woman in his life.


This isn't to say that men are giving this sacred spot away to whomever is right there with them at that moment, of course not. Men give a lot of thought into what type of woman they are willing to settle down with. Especially if he is interested in raising a family.


Women generally speaking do not think in quite such a compartmentalized way about these matters of the heart. They find a guy, fall in love and they can easily see (or not) a life with him. They are not as tied to an agenda as rigidly as men are. As with everything, there are exceptions to this gross generalization.


When Allen met Monica he was head over heels in love with her, as she was with him. She had been divorced 3 years and he was separated. She felt uncomfortable being in a relationship with him while he was not yet divorced and sent him on his way with the request to return once he was divorced. She loved him enough to give him the distance he needed to unravel what needed unraveling, or to perhaps rekindle his marriage that seemed to have gone down the drain. She also was smart enough not to set herself up for failure by becoming his rebound project.


Two years later he contacted her. He called her to tell her that his divorce, although difficult, was finally over and that he bought a house for her. She moved in and they've been together for the past five years.


Timing was off when they first met. They course redirected and allowed time to do what needed to be done. And they decided to get back together when timing was allowing them to work on their relationship without any interference from others.


Finding love is not as difficult as it seems, finding the right now sometimes seems to be the more challenging part. Know that finding love is a pulseScience Articles, a rhythm. We can't make someone fall in love with us and we don't just fall out of love with someone. Everything takes time. 

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Finding True Love

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