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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Warning Signs Of A Bad Relationship

In some relationships, the two people are just not meant to be, and often the union can even be one that is not healthy. Here are some warning signs to look out for if you are worried about your own relationship.

When a relationship begins to feel kind of strange or maybe confusing, you might begin to wonder if the person you are with is the right person for you. These feelings sometimes persist but have unexplainable origins. You might not know what exactly is making you feel weird, or sometimes you might not even know that anything is off key, but many times there are some warning signs that occur in relationships that can be signs of dangerous or unhealthy unions. One of these signs has to do with a lack of trust. If you feel that you are beginning to distrust your partner, it is a major warning sign that something is not right in the relationship.

Sometimes feelings of distrust really have no backing, no evidence or reason to occur. For example, your boyfriend or girlfriend might not have done anything at all to warrant it but you might be feeling suspicious about little things, doubting aspects of the person's character, wondering if they really mean what they say. In these cases, it is usually demonstrative of the fact that there is not any trust serving as the essential foundation of the relationship. In these kinds of circumstances, there is no trust operating because it might be a sign of a serious disconnect between the two individuals.

Shared values are an important core of every relationship but it is a normal and expected thing for people to disagree and have differing opinions. You and your partner will not always agree on some of the morals and values that each of you holds important, but it is important that each of you respect and try to understand the values that the other upholds. If your partner tries to change your morals or seeks to tell you that your values are the product of false brainwashing, then that is another warning sign that there is a disconnect that can be very dangerous to the relationship.

In essence, if it is not possible for the two of you to see eye to eye on each other's values, then that is something that will pose a real problem later. Not only will you clash in respect to those values but also in regards to everything that is related to them. Having someone that understands and accepts you and your values is essential and if you feel that you are with someone who does not and instead seeks to alter who you are so that you correspond better with him or her, then that is another warning sign of a potentially unhealthy union.

Another aspect is communication. Every relationship needs a strong basis of communication, as problems are bound to occur between two people and there will be times when you need to talk it out. If you see that the other person cannot communicate about his or her anger, or if you feel that your partner refuses to let you have any say or speak about your bad feelingsArticle Search, then that is yet another dangerous warning sign.

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