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Saturday, January 18, 2020
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Warning Signs Of A Breakup - 3 Indications of Impending Doom for Your Relationship

If your relationship seems to be hitting more bumps in the road than you would like, are you seeing the warning signs of a breakup? This will be easier to fix now than if you let it go unattended and your partner splits with you. Here are three warning signs you cannot afford to ignore.

Many people are completely caught by surprise when their spouse or significant other wants to end the marriage or relationship. You need to know these 3 warning signs of a breakup so you are not caught by surprise and suffer the emotional trauma of divorce or split.

What you do not know can hurt you; knowledge of these 3 warning signs will better prepare you to address a problem before it results in breakup or divorce.

Warning Sign #1: It seems like your partner or spouse is ignoring you.

First I have to define ignoring. I do not mean they act like you are not there. They may be talking to you often, but perhaps only in the context of running the household, the kids or maybe you work together at a job; never anything personal. This is definitely a warning sign of a breakup you cannot ignore.

The question is, do they show concern for you, your health, whether you appear to be up or down on a particular day. Are they still remembering special events like birthdays, anniversaries (maybe the anniversary of your first date that you always used to go out to celebrate).

Perhaps you should surprise them by asking them out to a nice dinner - at home if you cannot afford to go out - and casually ask how things are going and if everything is ok or not. Try to get them talking about their feelings toward your relationship.

Warning Sign #2: You never do anything together anymore.

For married couples, do you ever date anymore, just the two of you? Maybe even just put the kids to be and watch a movie together with some popcorn or movie candy many stores sell for $1 per box.

If you are a couple dating, are you finding your boyfriend or girlfriend just never seems to be available anymore? Do they use you when you can be a convenient helper, or perhaps a convenient bed partner, but never actually take you out on an enjoyable outing?

Either of these would be an indication of a problem in the relationship that is probably headed to a breakup that will come as a surprise to you unless you heed this sign and take action.

Warning Sign #3: The physical aspect of the relationship is dead or dying.

If you have been together for a while you may have experienced what all couples do in that the raw animal attraction fades. A new relationship has energy that usually cannot be maintained for long periods of time.

Nevertheless, there should still be physical attraction and activity between the two of you. If that is absent, are you just friends? Or are you just being used to help with his or her needs in life?

A healthy relationship covers all of these bases, not just the convenient or expedient ones. If there is no physical activity between the two of you for weeks or months at a time, it is definitely time to do more than just get worried; you need to get busy.

There is a chance that outside factors like problems at work or the effects of a tough economy can be at fault for bad moods or distant behavior. But even then, untreated this will definitely harm your relationship and can lead to unwanted divorce or breakup.

You need to act now if you are seeing any of these 3 warning signs of a breakup in your relationship. I know you are probably uncertain as what exactly to do and how to save your marriage or relationship.

Fortunately, we know exactly what to do and can help you with your situation. Come over to our website right now and learn for yourself. The address is

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When you see these warning signs of a breakup you need to act quickly. Delay can mean a painful breakup that you want to avoid. Come over to right now and let us help prevent a breakup in your relationship.

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