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Saturday, October 23, 2021
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When should I give up the relationship?

Before I was about to write this article, I came to realized I was greatly touched by the first mail I got early this morning from one of my daily readers. For this reason, I decided to iron this topic not only for her but in general. I'm conscious of the fact that they're other human beings just like her going through same experience. I would have just replied her mail and turn to other things but by doing so, Ill just be limiting opportunities to get the knowledge pass on to others including those I don't even know as well.

Everyday down the street, we come across many people suffering from this but we just can't know since everyone seems to be smiling. But the truth is that, many people especially the married type get stuck at this stage (lovers aren't excluded). At a certain stage, many of them are usually confronted with two options; whether to continue with the relationship or just pop out and move forward with life. If you're in this situation, it's time to start taking certain bold decisions and these decisions are the choices that you're going to make. So by taking conscious steps, you're already embracing reality.

Today, I'm going to be tackling this issue hard by generating certain facts but remember that you'll be the one to make the choice and not me. At least, this point is clear, right? Since you've landed at, be rest assured that all of your worries will be lighten based on real facts or methods that work pretty well. Below are some of the instances that determine whether to give up on him or her depending on how relevant or irrelevant they mean to you.

When should I give up the relationship?
  • Does he or she loves you? A good way to analyze whether you should give up the relationship or not is by examining the degree of his love. Using this approach, you ought to be serious. Ask yourself definite questions and require definite answers. For instance, ask yourself such questions and get direct answers; how does he treat you at home? What impression does he give of you to others? Does he show the desired love you need? How frequent do you guys go out? Does he spend time with you as before? Getting the answers to these questions is just the first approach, but in case you're wondering how to spot out these signs, then skip to this article, signs of loves or you can just bookmark it for later reading.
  • His mind was redirected: When you should give up the relationship is if you discover that his mind has been hard coded with someone else (he's now in love with someone else). If you found yourself in this shoe, then giving up complete hope of him and the relationship is what you ought to do if his mind can't be redirected again. In my book' Getting over your ex in few days' I explained how losing hope for someone you love in such situation is one way to get over him and that's just how the process works. If under such experience, you keep holding on to the relationship, you keep limiting yourself from getting over him and the opportunity of finding a new catch.
  • Wrong criteria type: According to the psychology of falling in love, before you can fall in love with someone, he or she must first match your love criteria and the reverse is true of him (see why do we fall in love? for details). If some life experience occurred that forces one of these criteria to change, the result is that you guys will fall out of love if the change occurred in your part or his (it takes two to be in love). When this happened, you must first try to put body and soul together but if it's certain things aren't going to work, then, they'll be no way out rather than giving up. For example, if you found that his mind is hard coded with new interest in blondes etc. and you're not a blonde, then, giving up is all you need if he's not willing to switch back. Giving up doesn't mean you're weak, is just a means of getting after your heart-desire; at least finding someone that will shower you with true happiness.
  • He was a player: The word player here isn't used in its broadest sense. Players here refer to these guys who are just out for the win-win game thing; they switch partners as they wish. In one of my articles, why some people become players, I explained how players are people who tend to be suffering from low self-confidence, fear of the future and inferiority complexes. Due to these self-weaknesses, they use the win-win game in order to cover up and proof to themselves and others that they're worthy and needed by others. What about your partner, is he among the list? If so giving up the relationship will certainly give you the chance to seek true love somewhere.
Final say on giving up the relationship

Before you proceed any further, I want you to know that this article is in no way encouraging breakups nor should it be used as alibis to coverup for one.

In the real sense, the purpose of this article is to reflect and present the nature of your relationship so that you'll know where to start tackling it. So whatsoever circumstance you find yourself, put your best effort in place in order to make things right or taking further steps.

But if you must give up, take each of the above and see how identify with him. The greater the signs you spot that match himScience Articles, the greater the signs showing you're not leaving with the right partner but just someone else.

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