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Monday, April 22, 2019
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You Can Meet And Attract Beautiful Women - Here's How!

It's almost universal - guys want to know how to meet beautiful women. I've learned a lot about beautiful women, and I'll share with you my knowledge of where you can go to meet them, and how to treat...

It's almost universal - guys want to know how to meet beautiful women. I've learned a lot about beautiful women, and I'll share with you my knowledge of where you can go to meet them, and how to treat them after that.

You Can Meet Beautiful Women Here . . .

Look around you - almost wherever you look, you'll see beautiful women. This is something lots of people have a hard time really understanding - these adorable women aren't any different from the rest of us. They need to eat, work, send and receive things . . . in fact, pretty much the same things the rest of the world does.

Now, it's inescapable that many extremely beautiful women will live in big cities. The reason is simple - opportunities abound in big cities. For instance, modeling and acting careers are easier to pursue in big cities. Likewise, since also attract the wealthy and successful, there's more opportunity to meet such men in big cities. Finally, cities are more active and exciting than most rural areas.

Try to think from the perspective of a beautiful woman, perhaps someone whose livelihood depends on her beauty. Where might she go to maintain and enhance her beauty? To maintain their beauty, women go to the gym. To enhance their beauty, they buy fashionable clothing and accessories in trendy stores. Go to those places if you want to find beautiful women.

You can meet a beautiful woman pretty easily at the gym. Set the weight on a bench press to something heavy enough to impress, but not so much that you can't handle it, and then hang out there on your own. When a woman comes by, stop and ask her if she'll spot you for a few reps - tell her your own workout buddy got sick and couldn't make it to the gym. Of course, introduce yourself and express your gratitude when you're done. Get her phone number, too, but only if it feels right.

Beautiful women are all over good department stores as well. Find one you'd like to meet, and ask her for her help in selecting a gift for your sister or cousin. You can tell her that she seems to have the same sense of style your sister has, and ask for her help in finding something like a nice sweater or scarf. During the time you're shopping together, you can carry on a nice conversation with her, small talk that will help you to get to know her better.

Is there a Behavior Protocol for Meeting Beautiful Women?

When most men find themselves in the presence of beautiful women, they seem to lose all control, falling all over themselves, getting tongue-tied and confused. It's pretty embarrassing, really. They start acting all macho and stupid. It's a phenomenon called "beauty vision." You can't be just like them or you'll lose out, just like them.

Most importantly, you must be oblivious to the fact that she's gorgeous.

She's well aware of her beauty, and has been for many years. When you focus on something other than her looks, you send the signal that you're not so easily conquered. She may have mixed feelings about your apparent immunity to her beauty - she'll probably appreciate being treated like a woman instead of a trophy, but she may be a little put off by the fact that she can't so easily reduce you to mumbling imbecility.

All you need to do is treat her like any other person you might run into during the course of the day. Realistically speaking, she probably doesn't often encounter men who don't fall all over themselves when they encounter her, and so the time your spend together will be somewhat of a rarity to her. At the same time, your immunity - your apparent immunity - to her beauty will set you apart from most other men, and she'll consider you something of a mystery. At the same time she's feeling happy that she met a man who isn't a strutting fool in her presence, she'll be wondering about you: "Doesn't he find me attractive?" Even though she likes and appreciates the way you treat her, she'll feel the need to make certain she still has her power over men, and so she'll feel challenged by you.

Meeting beautiful women, then, isn't hard at all, if you know where to look and how to act. But remember this above all else - if you cannot control yourself in her presence, if you're so enthralled by her beauty that your behavior is no different from that of all the other guysHealth Fitness Articles, you won't stand a chance with her. 

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