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Friday, October 23, 2020
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Direct Mail

Direct MailThe web is a most ... and often misused medium for direct ... In this email, I will share tips and ... to make the web a major ... tool for your sales and market

Direct Mail

The web is a most versatile and often misused medium for direct marketing. In this email, I will share tips and techniques to make the web a major advertising tool for your sales and marketing efforts.

Do you have a website? A Web Newsletter? A mailing list of e-mail addresses for customers? Do you track and test everything? You can use the web to get sales in lots of exciting ways which are dependant on technology thatís available at the time.

Almost everyone is just too busy running their businesses to take the time or to give advertising much thought. This is just crazy.

Whether you budget is £600 or £6000, I can show you how itís done effectively time after time after time!

So here's what I do when I start working with clients and I would like to offer it to you as a gift now. Have a look at this list of ten great ways of marketing. I guarantee, that nearly all web site owners will not have every one of these simple methods in place right now.

Please pick at least two that you're either not doing, or not doing that well - and MAKE A DECISION to add them to your marketing mix in the weeks ahead:

Direct Mail
Internet Marketing
Email Marketing
Telephone Marketing
Direct Sales
Strategic Alliances
Referral Systems
Additional Products/Services

We will tackle these in order

Direct Mail

Direct mail is often overused and badly done. Itís got a bad reputation over the years, mainly due to spammers, used instead of the telephone or by con artists seeking their next victim.

There are a lot of myths and nonsense about mailings. You may want to print this out, because in my continuing efforts to help you reach success Ė I am about to share the secrets of direct mail - Iíd be surprised if the contents of this mail does not save you thousands of pounds over the next 12 months.

By the way, if you are totally new to Direct Mail - ďItís anything sent by post, sales letters, electronic mail or brochures etcĒ

I want to dispel some things about DM to you. ďDirect Mail doesnít workĒ . This ingenious conclusion is arrived at by the fact that most people throw most of the mail we get directly in the bin - therefore the thinking is that it's a waste of money. The truth is that 90 out of 100 people might throw your mailing in the bin, but if 5 people look at it, 5 more read it and one of those 5 buys from you - you may well have a highly profitable mailing.

Last week I sent 400 emails to potential clients, and got 37 replies. Thatís to say that 37 people actually read my mail, and I got exactly 9 new clients as a result.

Now what would happen if I doubled my mailings next week? I could expect from 800 mails, about 80 replies and maybe 20 sales!

And thatís easily doable by the way, because Iíve done it. But saying that, your mailing may not work Ė it depends on what you say, pricing of your product and some products may just not be suited to an email campaign. Itís very much a numbers game, but one thing is certain, email is free!

(A word of warning though) You have to enter this knowing that most of your mailings will go unread, but at least itís cheaper than other advertising methods.

Large companies like Capital One, know their mailings DO work Ė theyíve spent a fortune fine tuning and testing these campaigns. But just to warn you Ė direct mail can fail, and they are the ones, usually, small to medium businesses send out, because they donít understand what they are really doing.

If itís done right, it will make your profits increase dramatically, and when itís done badly Ė it can eat into a budget, so be very careful!

There are 2 types of mailings:

Potential Customers

Existing Customers

If you donít do much mailing Ė start doing some now. Itís easy to not email out of fear of upsetting clients, scared of bombarding them with too many mails, thus losing a sale.

Thatís crazy and itís to nobodys advantage.

Actually, most sales emails are helpful and quite genuine. I was once told ďYouíve got to be mad to not listen to a salesman Ė they might have something you need!Ē So next time you receive a mail or telesales call, consider that it could well be in your favour.

And there really is nothing wrong with sending out 2 mails each week.. So donít worry.

I have noticed that many clients are sitting with 1000ís of email addresses Ė yet they arenít contacting these clients. Thatís like throwing money down the drain. They could say NO, then again they could say YES to your product. Imagine if a further 10 bought your services next week Ė how do you feel about not emailing those customers now?

Try it todayÖ.. Think of something you can offer these customers, you must have something you can offer! Even something for free. Send them a letter and measure the response. If it works, mail them and measure the results. If it keeps on working, keep on doing it!

The best email is a personal communication with a customer you know. It may read as follows:


I wanted to follow up after your purchase of (your product) on (date) to see how it's working out for you and to thank you for your continuing business. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know by return email, or feel free to call my private phone number.

Many Thanks


Mr X

Your customer is going to open, read and appreciate an email like this. They may even respond to it, and even if they don't, it doesn't look like spam or bug anyone. And they probably will appreciate that.


Give it a go Ė youíll be surprised.


Christopher Given

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Christopher is a Sales Promotion Expert and owner of - an Office directory portal that holds company information to do with an Office environment.

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