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Thursday, January 23, 2020
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Discover How Domain Names Works for Online Businesses

There is a lot to know how domain names work. Once you know starting an online business will be much easy. Instead of using long numbers, only words are used to make them easy to recall and remember. They are human friendly.

I don’t know anything about you, but I will tell you something about my ignorance on how domain names work. But promise that you won’t laugh at my ignorance before I go into details.

I was really excited when I discovered how domain names work. Before that I used to type a word on my internet web browser bar and press an enter key on my keyboard without a second thought where this word was directed to. I really didn’t know anything about an IP address or about the dot com, dot net, or dot org suffixes. I did not know that names can be bought? I laughed, imagining how one can spend his precious time under the sun just selling names.

Things become even more sophisticated when I came across domain name parking. How can one park a domain name? Do they pay this people who park domain names? Eventually knowledge is power and through its application in a clear and concise way, it wiped all my ignorance. After absorbing enough knowledge about how domain names work, then here I am ready to wipe your ignorance too.

A bad choice of your site concept name will greatly hurt your website. Once you register it, there will be no option of editing or changing it. You will live with it. Do you know what domain names are? Ha…Ha! Let me stop teasing you. I will break it down for you.

A domain name is an IP address which stands for ‘Internet Protocol.’ In fact call a domain name An IP address. An IP address is a unique string of numbers usually shown in groups separated by periods that identifies a computer connected to the internet. It helps to find a specific website that surfers are searching for. It fetches website data from the server. They are human friendly to use.

How friendly IP addresses are? Well… you see they don’t use numbers like phones do. Instead of many long numbers, they decided to use words. Words that human can simply remember. I mean these words are more human friendly than numbers.

For instance you don’t imagine remembering numbers but you can easily recall words. One thing that enrages me is that some surfers confuse a domain name with a URL which stands for ‘Uniform Resource Locator.’ To be clearArticle Search, a domain name does not have the http:// as a URL.

The URL has Three Parts:

The first part is the protocol. This is the stuff before the: // that is http: Which stands for hyper text transfer protocol meaning a standard system to send information. The second part is the domain which is an IP address and the third part is the request file.

The big question is who regulates or rather assigns and controls these domain names? ICANN which stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is the one which is ultimately responsible with the task of controlling domain names.

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