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Monday, November 30, 2020
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Website Success - Find the Right Domain.

This article explains how to improve your future website success by choosing a good domain name. It covers the following information: choosing a domain, and registering domain name.

Build a Niche Store works on the premise that you have a FREE Commission Junction  account. Through that free account, you are able to sign up for the eBay affiliate program, which is by the way, VERY lucrative and popular! BANS includes a code in every lead you deliver to deliver to eBay and when the visitor buys anything within the next 7 days, you earn money. If it was a NEW eBay user who did not have an account, you get an extra $25 if they DO buy something within 30 days!


Some people have had a hard time getting approved by eBay as an affiliate through CJ, and guess what one of things they need to see is… you got it, a Domain Name! Someone will say, a domain name is not required for CJ… guess what, you are applying for an rss feed, which needs to be displayed on a website, it may not be required, but it surely doesn’t hurt! :-)  There are a few other factors, but we will discuss those in the next post… BEFORE you buy the Build a Niche Store script.


There are many tools on the web for finding the best domain name. Name Spinners, Domain Name companies that will find the best name or Brand, for your site etc. I am only going to recommend a few places in this post and they are all free!

When you register your domain, you do so through what is called a Domain Registrar. In a nutshell, they are the people who will keep track of the records associated with your domain. Kind of like the phone company to your home phone number. They keep ownership records, hosting records, history of the name etc… This is done to keep one common file in place that everyone else can look to for information. When you type in mydomain .com into a browser, it looks first at who is the registrar, then takes the info they have and does the rest! There are several out there… but I prefer to use GoDaddy for all my domain registrations. Signing up is FREE and you only pay when you register a domain at GoDaddy.


Setup your Free GoDaddy Account or choose a different registrar of your choice. After you have confirmed your GoDaddy account, you are at the point that you can start searching for a domain name. Why set it up first? Some of the places I am going to refer to in this post are places you can buy existing domains which may already be indexed. If you already have the account setup, the seller can transfer it to you easily!


Tip for Building Effective Domain Names 

Using Wordtracker (Free or paid) – type a short form of your niche into the search tool, in the case of this niche, Hybrid Golf Equipment, I am going to type hybrid golf and hybrid club. In most cases, the top 4-10 HIGHEST VOLUME searches will yield all the info you need. Your list may be much longer than mine, I shortened it for simplification.

Hybrid Golf Clubs

Hybrid Golf Club

Hybrid Clubs

Hybrid Club

At this point, if you use excel, paste your list into the first and second column so both are identical. Highlight the cells in the first column with data in them… and from the top menu, choose “Edit>Replace>” in the box, just press your space-bar one time in the replace what section and click go. Your first list will now look like:





Back to excel and the second column. Edit>Replace> and in the replace WITH box, place a hyphen. Press OK and you list will be:





After you have both lists, head back to GoDaddy and login. After you have logged in, choose “Domains>Bulk Register” from the main green bar menu. In the resulting page there will be a large text box… copy and paste your word lists into the box.


Choose the boxes for both .com AND .net . While some say the extension is the most important thing for a website, it is NOT for a Build a Niche Store, and .net will be fine! Enter the access code into the box and press GO!

What you are doing is taking the HIGHEST VOLUME phrases your keyword research tool told you people are looking for and developing a domain name catering to their needs! Pretty cool huh? If GoDaddy comes back and tells you none are available, paste your list into the box a second time, but now insert the word “Buy” in front of all of them! :-) You should have a list that resembles:









Once you find the name that sounds best to you, add it to your cart and buy it up!

Thats all there is to it! If you have a tip on how you register your domains, please share it below! Oh yeah… you are probably wondering the domains I registered for this first example of Hybrid Golf Clubs… well, I broke my own rule and got 3 of them. Mostly as a test…

BuyHybridGolfClubs .com

Hybrid-Golf-Club .com 

HybridGolf .net


This article explained how to improve your future website success by choosing a good domain name. It covered the following information: choosing a domainFree Reprint Articles, and registering a domain name.

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Mark Hansen is a businessman and online marketing coach. Visit his website Store Builder to learn more. 

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