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Friday, January 28, 2022
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Here an Ebook, There an Ebook

Here an ebook, there an ebook, ... an ebook! If ... had a computer it would be full of ebooks. My inbox ... with offers to sell ebooks, publish ebooks, write ... get filthy

Here an ebook, there an ebook, everywhere an ebook! If Old
McDonald had a computer it would be full of ebooks. My inbox is
crammed with offers to sell ebooks, publish ebooks, write ebooks,
and get filthy rich selling ebooks on the internet. All that is
required is to purchase some guru's ebook and learn his or her
amazing secret. I may not be a guru but I have been a farmer. I
know what you have to be careful of stepping in when you cross
the barnyard. That's exactly what most of these offers are full
of and the only "filthy" you are going to get.

You are considering becoming involved for the first time in
internet marketing. That means you are a "newbie." You don't know
html from email. Naturally you are intrigued by the promises of
instant wealth. So you surf around with your PayPal account and
soon your hard drive is overflowing with useless ebooks. Your
credit card is also overflowing with debt. This completes your
first lesson in Ecommerce. "The wealth of a few is built upon the
failures of the many."

Then how are you newbies going to get the accurate information
necessary to be successful on the web? One answer is that you can
surf the net and cram your hard drive full of ebooks, ezines, and
articles at the amazingly low price of
FR*E! The cruel fact is that many ebooks are out of date and that
somewhere on the net the same information is probably available
for FREE. It may take you a little longer to locate but I
personally prefer FREE over PayPal. If someone has a secret that
will make you an overnight millionaire do you really think he is
going to sell it for $19.95?

The other way (preferred)is to find a good coach, someone that
has already been successful in business that can guide you to the
information that you actually need. A good example is Fran
Tarkenton at www.GosmallBiz.Com.
Much of the information is free and for a small fee you can ask
consultants questions directly related to your own business.
Another example is Ken Envoy at SiteSell. The amount of free
information available from his site is amazing. Ken and Fran are
interested in having you as a returning customer, not just a one
time download. They provide you with enough information for fr*e
so that you can make an informed decision before you purchase.
You can receive one of Ken's books, The Service Sellers Masters
CoursePsychology Articles, by sending a blank email to

The information Ken provides for free is much more valuable than
other ebooks I have seen selling for 29.99.

I don't want to leave you with the impression that you should
never buy an ebook. There are some that are worth the money and
are time well spent. Only buy an ebook after you have exhausted
the free information and are ready for the advanced course. On
our site Carolyn and I
offer one free ebook on eBay when you subscribe to our ezine and
there is one for purchase. After reading the free material you
can then intelligently evaluate the other book and decide if you
want to spend your money. Always remember that old adage "you
can't judge an ebook by its cover."

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