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Thursday, April 2, 2020
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5 Secrets To Avoid Risk, Heart Ache And Failure In Your Home Based Business!

There are some major secrets to remember when choosing the right home based business. In this article I will discuss the 5 secrets for avoiding risk, heart ache and failure in your home business.

Most of the time you will be presented by someone who has got that amazing opportunity you have to take a look at. In there you'll be blown away about how easy and lucrative that home business is. Allthough there are some great benefits of starting a home based business I want you to remember 5 secrets before you spend one dollar to avoid any risk, haert ache or failure.

1.Get The Right Advice. Take only advice from people who have actually success in that business. To do otherwise would be like asking for running tips from an overweight person. If you want to run a marathon, talk to people who are training for or have run a marathon.

2.Know The Real Benefits Of Big Commissions vs Small Commissions. It's better to have a home business making 10 sales paying out a $900 commission than making 1000 sales that pay $9 each! Every professional marketer understands that your margin of profit is what both pays you and pays for your marketing - and that amount needs to be built into your sales price. If your advertising is costing you $100 for a banner ad and your profit per sale was $900, then you would have a net profit of $800. That is not a good deal if you would be selling a product that only has a profit margin of $99 or less. You will be losing money.

3.Gain Leverage Through Matching Overrides. Suppose you make a $1,000 commission for every sale you closed - you would still have to produce 20 sales yourself in order to make $20,000. What if there is a way to make only one sale yourself and have 10 people in your business generate only 2 sales a month. Through the leverage of matching overrides, you would earn more than $20K. Matching overrides can provide you with perpetual earning power.

4.Protect Yourself And Avoid Pass Ups And Breakaways. There are still companies that have breakaway or pass up compensation programs! Avoid those companies that require you to 'pass up' or 'give up' your first 1 or 2 sales (or parts of your sales) in order for you to become qualified to earn commissions. Once you become qualified and you are able to earn 100% of every sale then your sponsor will never ever earn another dime on your production. So you'll become your sponsors competitor. And once that is happening he will never share his best marketing secrets with you. The same thing will happen to people you bring into your business.

5.Demand Training And Support 24/7. When you look for a company, they must provide a substantial training and support center as part of your private back office. You must be able to access training 24/7. And here is another biggy.I think it is your right to demand that you see the training resources offered by a company BEFORE you decide to join that company. What about a company that has a strict no refund policy? I n my opinion that's OK as long as you can inspect the training and support they offer before you buy into the program. In addition, look for a company that conducts daily & weekly web presentationsFind Article, conference calls & training's. A major cause of business fatalities in this industry is the lack of proper support and training.

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If you're interested in a serious Online Internet Marketing Business Opportunity that includes all the 5 secrets shown above, visit Richard's Big Ticket To Wealth website. Author: Richard van Beek is a top marketer in the home business industry. Richard devotes the time, energy, and effort into his team and mentors them to ensure their success.

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