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Thursday, April 18, 2019
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A Baker's Dozen

A Baker's Dozen ... © Darlene Styers 2003How many times have you been told "The Money Is In ... Let's talk a bit deeper today and discover just howto build a list. It goes without saying t

A Baker's Dozen
Copyright © Darlene Styers 2003

How many times have you been told "The Money Is In The
List"? Let's talk a bit deeper today and discover just how
to build a list. It goes without saying that the larger the
list, the more potential. Everyone wants their list to grow
as quickly as possible. But even more important than
subscribing is retention of your subscribers. And perhaps
the most challenging. Let's discuss 13 (a Baker's dozen)
ways to maintain your list.

ONE: Place a Subscription Form on every page of your site.
It does not have to cost an arm and a leg to have a website.
The total cost involved in the site we use is $6 per month
including hosting. No HTML knowledge is required. If you
can type you can build a site. This is probably one of the
most important things you will do.

TWO: How do you feel about the subscription forms that ask
for your life history? Actually all you need is their email
address so don't ask for more. Do you always give your true
name when filling out one of those long subscription forms?

THREE: Your Welcome Letter as well as your Subscribe page
should give lots of information about your publication.
How often do you publish? Just what's in this subscription
for the reader?

FOUR: Do you offer free advertisements or subscriber
bonuses? Tell them about it. You may want to, at least,
offer advertisements for new subscribers. However, there
are many who are simply looking for free advertisements and
nothing else. You never know when someone interested only
in free advertisements may just become interested in your
Newsletter. Be sure to make it obvious there is no cost
involved in subscribing to your list, and that their
information will never be shared with others.

FIVE: Search for websites that invite Link Exchanges. If
you have your link on a dozen websites and you gain only one
per week from each link, this could bring you as many as
600 subscribers per year. Link Exchange pages also require
that you place their link on your site.

SIX: If you are to retain your subscribers, content of the
Newsletter is important. Make it interesting, informative
and perhaps even entertaining. There are many Article
Directories that provide free content for your newsletter.
HYPE is a big turn off so be careful about sounding
unreasonable. Helpful tips make the publication
interesting. Inspirational Quotes can be motivational.

SEVEN: Suggest to your readers that they pass along your
Newsletter to others. Include your subscribe address in
every Edition of your Newsletter.

EIGHT: You may want to consider advertising your Newsletter
in other ezines. From $10 to $20 per solo ad in reputable
Newsletters can usually gain you several subscribers.

NINE: Ad Coops are an excellent way to gain new subscribers
if you are willing to publish their ads. A few coops will
enter the subscribers automatically into your list if you
are using an autoresponder that permits. The retention
rate can be rather satisfying if your Newsletter is interesting.

TEN: Writing Articles and passing them along to other
publishers can create a viral effect for you. There are
many directories just for this purpose. You might choose to
use a software program that automatically submits to

ELEVEN: Submit your Newsletter to Directories. Many search
the directories for just the Newsletter that pleases them.
This is an excellent source of new subscribers.

TWELVE: Are you using a Signature Link? Every email you
send out can have a Signature Link to your Subscriber

THIRTEEN: Watch for websites that include Testimonials.
And submit your testimonial. Let's say you have your
testimonial on 10 websites and you receive 1 subscriber per
week from each testimonial. That's 520 new subscribers per
year from this source only.

One of the enjoyable parts of publishing is finding new ways
to maintain subscribers. HAVE FUN!
Darlene Styers is Publisher of iNetProfitz Marketing
Newsletter. You may subscribe or contact Darlene If you have questions regarding
this articleArticle Search, Darlene will be happy to hear from you.
Darlene will also be happy to assist you if you are ready to
publish a Newsletter.

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Darlene Styers is the Publisher of iNetProfitz Marketing Newsletter. She helps thousands of SERIOUS Marketers fulfil their dreams.

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