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Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Are There Still Business Opportunities in Today's Economic Climate?

Remember those economic predictions 12 months ago? The economy is booming and will create 10 million millionaires over the next 10 years.Given the current economic recession do you still believe this?

Business opportunities for the individual are on the rise said a world famous economist renown for accurately predicting economic trends. The economy is booming and will create 10 million millionaires over the next ten years. This was a year ago. Given the current economic recession do you still think this is possible? Has this guru of economic predictions finally got it wrong? Could you perceive a scenario where these predictions could possibly happen in today's conditions?

I believe that this is still possible. In fact, I believe this guru is still right on target. It was also said that the wealth was transferring from the large corporations to the individual entrepreneur because the larger corporations were dismantling. The millions in wealth that would have been in the hands of a relatively few major corporations would end up in the hands of millions of individuals.

Could the current economic crisis be a precursor to this? Certainly the power base has shifted although there may be a few optimistic bankers who disagree.

With so much tax payer money used to prop them up, the power base had better shift to the individual. We should not have to go through so much pain only to see nothing change. Remember, the banks have not only had our money to bail them out - it was our money they lost in the first place.

Basically, this is the era for the little guy. The best business opportunity now is to set up your own home based business. After all this is what 85% of you have been telling the poles you want to do.

It was predicted that millions of individual entrepreneurs will share the wealth that was hitherto held by the large corporations. The contention is that the economy is in great shape and if you position yourself correctly, you will prosper.

The business opportunities being talked about here are specifically network marketing (now called internetwork marketing). But it applies equally well to internet marketing. It is the explosive growth of the internet that will bring about this shift. The opinion is that the internet is just getting started.

This means that you online entrepreneurs have the advantage now. You have the luxury of maintaining multiple income streams from many different niches. If one of these goes belly up you have others that you can seamlessly switch to.

Even during the tough times, there are niches that are profitable. Also, there are the niches that have yet to be explored. You may not have seriously considered these when times were good - now they may have come into there own.

There are an ever-growing number of people searching for a new business opportunity. These are the recently displaced, those about to lose their jobs or those who are feeling vulnerable right now. This resonates with another prediction - that the pace of change is so rapid now that many people would find their jobs changing dramatically, or disappearing completely within 2 or 3 years, if not 2 or 3 months.

Now, ain't that the truth.

So this is your chance. Help these displaced people get into internet marketing. It has often been stated that the best way to be successful is to help other people be successful. As an internet marketer you are well placed to put this maxim into practice.

And the best part of this is that start up costs for these online business opportunities are minimal. When compared to offline businesses they are miniscule. Domain names are cheap, websites cost very little and web hosting is also cheap. All that is needed is hard work and perseverance.

Other advantages?

You control your own destiny, not some large corporation.

You will eventually work from home.

You set your own hours of work.

Your overheads are practically non existent.

And the most precious of all - once successful you will never have to worry about the economy because you will have created passive income which keeps coming in even if you take a break for a week (month) or two.

Today's recession proof business opportunity, whether it be internetwork marketing or purely internet marketingComputer Technology Articles, is online.

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