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Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Averting Cheap Phones Disasters, How To Help Your Customers Set Up MMS On Cheap Phones

Selling cheap phones online? Then you are likely to come up against the MMS brick wall. Here is how you can resolve the issue quickly and without fuss.

A great deal of customers has serious concerns about MMS which is why they ask for help frequently.

They might be aware of its solid potential for transmitting video, audio, and picture files via their cell phones and would like to do that.

They might also be interested in using the WAP service as an internet connection. And it matters not that the system is an odyssey WiFi phones or a non-China cell phone model.

The key here is that an answer to "what are my settings for MMS" needs to be offered. Honestly, the right answer is that you need to procure such information from your specific cell network service provider on your SIM card.

There are certain items of information it would be wise to procure when you contact the cell network service provider. Here are those info items:
* Learn the exact name of the provider which is the profile name.
* The exact website where all the information is stored Ė aka the MMSC address
* The specific data account that both system and provider are using.
* The connection type that details the way the phone connects to the server.
* The user name designed to provide access to the network.
* The password that accompanies your username.

Once the customers contact their cellular network service providers, they can ask for the appropriate information.

The reps working for the provider service will then expertly help out their customers even if the mobile phone was not purchased through them.

In the unfortunate instance the customer care rep is not being professional the customer may be referred to you to acquire the settings.

But you really may not have to go through the seller and hereís why:

First, you need to understand what a MMS is in the first place.

MMS stands for multimedia messaging service and it is very much like SMS. The main difference is that instead of sending out text messages, you have the ability to send photos, audio files, or video files.

Each and every one of our top mobile phones provides you with the capability to use MMS.†

You will, however, need to use your own network providerís computer servers in order to send and receive the appropriate multimedia files. This means you will need to get permission from them.

Why do you need permission?

Whenever you use another personís computer, you are required to get that individualís permission. The same can be said of using a network providerís computers.

But, back to the topic at hand Ė MMS. You need to venture to the MMS menus and check out the MMS settings.

If no menu is present, head to the message menu. Afterwards, you would click MMS settings. Server profile would be the next item to click. Select either SIM 1 or SIM 2.

The one you select will be based upon your SIM card and why you want to set the MMS up for. After you are finished, you will continue to follow these instructions to handle the next item on the list.

Based upon the type of service provider you have selected, two things may happen. You will click on the Server Profile where you may see your service providerís name.

In this case, you can click it and you will be clearly prompted to activate the device. Once you do this, you will be able to use the MMS.

Conversely, if you do not see the exact service providerís name, you will need to click on ADD NEW and then immediately fill in all the required details that are requested.

These will be the ones you acquired from your cell phone service provider.

We then repeat the same steps previously listed:
* The exact name of the provider which would be the profile name.
* The exact website where all the information is stored Ė aka the MMSC address
* The specific data account that both system and provider are using.
* The connection type that details the way the phone connects to the server.
* The user name designed to provide access to the network.
* The password that accompanies your username.

Unfortunately, we have no way to clearly determine this information. As previously stated, it falls under the category of computer server info your service providers sends and retrieves via MMS messages. As you input the data, the cell phone will then connect to the computer server of the network provider. Once there, it will log in and instruct the server to send your MMS message and files.

Here is one example using a cheap phone from China. As soon as I venture over to MMS settings and the SERVER profile, I will see the listing for China Mobile MMS and a great many other mobile network providers along the lines of:
* Taiwan Mobile MMS
* Airtel MMS
* Hutch MMS
* China Mobile MMS
* China Unicom MMS

These are common other network provider setting that comes preset and had I decided to use their SIM cards, I would opt to activate those particular profiles.

Since, however, I am not and opt instead to use China Mobile, I will put in some new info.

In most instances, the information that will be required of you by the phone will be:
* Profile Name
* MMSC address
* Data account
* Connection type
* User name
* Password

It will not be necessary to type in all of this info. However, you asking yourself what you need to provide and what you might not have to fill in.

Ultimately, what will be required of you depends heavily upon the provider. They might not always want to you to input a user ID and password, for example.

A quick review of my own personal China Mobile MMS settings reveals the following:
* Profile Name: China Mobile MMS
* Homepage:
* Data account: (VARIES)
* Connection type: (VARIES)
* User name:
* Password:

As you can see, the appropriate user name and password fields have been left blank. That would seem to be the way China Mobile prefers things to be.

Once you provide a complete server profile, you will have completed the process. You can then create MMS messages and send them.

Some may wonder if a seller can maintain a server profile for their individual network provider.

Considering the fact that there are in the neighborhood of 200 countries in the world and each and every country might maintain a dozen of more cellular network providers. We opt to provide (sell) phones to each and every country in the world that we are able to.

As previously mentioned, the info must come from the cell phone provider due to the fact that you would be asking to be plugged into the network.

Some companies may feel a bit reluctant to provide such details to you.

Why is this? You opted for the wise approach and purchased a wholesale phone with identical features at a much lower cost. Yet, there are those that will be getting your custom item anyway and this it is attained via hardware or your phone bills.

What are you waiting for? Purchase your new China cell phone set up it up. You can then use your MMS as you wish!

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