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Friday, April 26, 2019
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“Everyone gets setbacks and I think you just need to work through them

Nick from iPosters sells posters and other printed gifts. He is based in Needham Market, Suffolk in England and he has been selling online since 2003. They’re a real multichannel seller with Amazon, eBay, Ratuken and their own website. They have over 90,000 pieces of feedback on eBay and they are a Top rated eBay seller.

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Some thoughts from the interview
“You have to be careful with (copyright). Our stock is ordered from a licence publishers.”

“We have a small team here. We kept it small and manageable on the staff side of things”

“So we don’t have to worry about copyright side of things as that’s where it gets expensive so we leave all the brands to bigger companies that can produce them in bulk.”

“Customer service is a massive part of our business. It is very important to keep on top of customer service obviously you can’t keep everyone 100% happy but we do our best to keep are ratings high we’ve got very good feedback on eBay, Amazon and even on our own websites.”

“On eBay there is a higher percentage of people would leave you feedback than on Amazon.”

“I prefer Amazon for ease to for us put products on and the sales we get from it."

“We sell on, the U.S., we’ve recently put all our inventory on to Canadian site as well. We also sell on Germany, France countries like that. It’s kind of slow at the moment, we are trying to build up slowly with that.”

“There is a software called Linnworks, we have been with them for several years now and we are happy with that.”

“You can confuse the customer if there is too much choice. You want some choice but not too much.”

“We used to get more (returns) but over time we have improved the packaging. For instance the tubes we use are thicker than industry standard because we don’t want returns. The more we spend on packaging you get the money back at the end of the day.”

“We do get some damages but it’s a very low percentage probably less than half a percent gets damaged or returned.”

“(Rakuten/ it’s early days to be honest. We are still getting used to the new platform and it’s getting the customer to know what it is as well I mean not many people have heard of it.”

“You’re not allowed to retain emails or call up customers or anything direct like that is definitely out of the questions but we will put a flyer or catalogue into everything we send out.”

“We put a voucher code on all of the flyers that go out with a small discount on so we can track it to some extent.  We do see some people come back to us and some people have stuck with us and order regularly so it is definitely worth doing.”

“(Voucher Codes) are a little overrated. 10% is generally what we offer for free we don’t ask for anything or email address or anything, just to get traffic to the site.”

“Most of the products we have we would have we already have got the images from the publishers… but if we need to do any photographs are selves we will do that. We used to do a lot more than we do now because we tend to get most of our images from our suppliers so it just cuts down on the work load as well.”

“The trouble with (social media) is that you either have got to do it properly or not at all. We just didn’t have the time to do it so we are looking at getting another company in to that side of it for us.”

“We used to use google ad words but we’ve cut that right back to a bare minimum now. The cost was the main thing for us, we weren’t getting the conversions that we wanted.”

“We do use several tools it just dependsBusiness Management Articles, we’ll try them if they work we’ll keep them as long as they’re not too expensive and some of them we can’t do without now.”

“I’ll listen for a while and if I think that if it’s got any benefits to the business I will look into it more and see if it’s going to work for us.”

“There has been a big shake up in logistics. We have found we’ve been through most of the carriers. We stick with the ones that give us the best service at a reasonable cost.”

“I’ve always thought a niche is the best way to go because then you can become more of an expert in the field that you are doing.”

“Finding something you’re interested in also helps because then you don’t get bored with your own business.”

Best advice: “Listen to what people are telling you especially if they have been in the business longer than you. I think networking is quite important especially at the early stage so that you can get a group of people you can call up and chat to if you have any problems or any ideas you are unsure of.”

What do they offer?
iPosters are the UK’s leading independent online retailer for popular posters. Their customers are always hungry for new products so they feed them every week with new poster releases and other new exciting items.

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