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Sunday, March 24, 2019
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Fool Proof Way to Finding Yourself a Niche Market

Before you can start making money you will need to find out what kind of product you would like to sell. Investing in a market where there is either too much competition, which would not leave you enough market share, or in a market where there are simply no customers, is a mistake a lot of beginning online adventurers make.

Imagine, you already have a major advantage if you would only decide to use the knowledge which you'll learn in this article. After this article you will already know how to find a niche market with a lot of potential.

So, let's get to it and find those niche markets!!The greatest thing about the internet is all the information you can find, some of it you will have to pay for, which is fine since it is more than worth it, but most of it is available for free.

What you need to do first is make a list of words (from now on we refer to them as keywords).

At this stage it really doesn't matter what kind of keywords. You need to grab a pen and paper and start writing. Write down every single word you can come up with. This might be hard when you just start and it probably feels like you can't come up with keywords immediately. Some guidelines to get you going.

Think of the following:

- Hobbies - Work related - Health related - Cars - Sports - Daily Routine - RelationshipsI suggest you take your time for your keyword list since you will be using and extending it throughout your online career.

A good suggestion as well, one which I read during my investigations, is asking all your friends and family for suggestions. The more people you ask, the more keywords you will come up with. Take a notepad with you wherever you go, it will definitely surprise you what kind of keywords you will come up with in the next few days.

Great, I'm sure you've been doing your homework the past few days and by now you will have a massive keyword list to work with. What comes next is, without a doubt, the most important part of your marketing tactics. In the next few lines you will find out which keywords are worth investing your time and money in.

First you go to the overture inventory tool here:

We do this to find out how many searches have been conducted in the past month for any given keyword. In this search tool you can fill in every single keyword you have written on your list. The first measurement for your keywords is the amount of searches. If your main keyword has less than 20.

000 searches using the overture tool, it will not be worth pursuing. It would take you too much time to get enough visitors.

What you've got left after this first exercise is a list of potential keywords to start building your income machine, but we only started, so lets find out what kind of other related keywords there might be to give you more opportunities. A great tool to do this and which is not known to everybody is at the following location:

What this tool will do for you is the following, just type in one of the keywords which you've got left after the first exercise and will show you which keywords are complimentary to your main keyword. Let's take a keyword like headache. With the overture tool we discovered that there where 34621 searches in the past month which at this moment makes it a keyword worth pursuing.

Now, using this same word again with it shows us other keywords which are searched for a lot. For example: pain, back pain, headache relief and a few more. Most of these words will have enough searches on their own to make them very useful for your future online presents. But it gets even better.

When you click on one of the related keywords in that will become the new main keyword and it will show you the next set of complimentary keywords.

Great tool or what?Just take some of the keywords, go back to: and research how many times people searched for that new keyword you just found.

It will take some of your valuable time to go through the complete keyword list which you created earlier, but I can assure youFree Articles, this will be the most important part to succeed online. Make sure to take this seriously.

We have now established a way to find half of the information we need to find those profitable niches. I can imagine that you are eager to discover the other half. This will be revealed in my next article which will be available in about a week's time.

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Harrold Swalve is a successful online entrepreneur and bestseller author. His latest E-book "Profit Shockdocs" reveals all the secrets on how to set up your own online money making website and is already referred to as "the A to Z on online marketing". To ensure your copy of his E-book visit

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