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Monday, October 21, 2019
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Increase Your Profits By Using Powerful Testimonials

Testimonials when utilized effectively in one's marketing can drastically increase your sales. It is important to know exactly what a testimonial is and how you can get some high quality testimonials. If you want to increase your sales then simply read through this will be pleasantly surprised with the results you can achieve!

The phrase "facts tell, stories sell" is a true statement when it comes down to the marketing of products and services. It is definitely important to identify how your product or service will benefit your customer, if you want to make lots of sales, but it is just as important to effectively use testimonials in your marketing efforts.

So what is a testimonial exactly? A testimonial is essentially a story that has been provided by a third party which says good things about your product or service. For example, have you ever seen one of those infomercials for an exercise product? They always include testimonials displaying both the before and after images of using the product.

Why do testimonials work so well? They work because people tend to believe a 3rd party person more than they believe you. The reason why is because you have a financial incentive to tell me the product is good because if I buy it, you get paid. A 3rd party person has no financial incentive to say good things about the product. Therefore, the only reason why they would say good things about the product is if those good things were really true.

So how do you get testimonials for your products?

One of the best ways to get testimonials for your products is to provide a free copy of the product or service to some of your target prospects in exchange for a testimonial. You may be giving up potential sales, but using this strategy will pay for itself over and over again for years to come since that it will allow you to increase the sales of your product drastically. This is a win-situation for everyone involved. You get excellent testimonials that you can use in your marketing and your prospects receive a great product for no cost.

If you have a product that you have already made sales for in the past, one way that you can get testimonials is to contact some of your previous customers. Ask them what they liked about your product and then ask them if they would provide you with a testimonial. John Reese, the author of a home study course called Traffic Secrets (which is unfortunately no longer in print) implemented this strategy after he made some initial sales of his course. He sent an email to all of his customers asking them if they wouldn't mind sharing a testimonial as to how this home study course helped them in their business.

As a result of this strategy, John Reese received HUNDREDS of testimonials about the quality of his home study course, as well as the positive results his students achieved as a result of applying what they learned from the course. He then turned around and displayed many of these testimonials of the sales letter of the web site he promoted the Traffic Secret course on. Regardless of what your product or service is, you can use this exact strategy.

By using testimonials in your marketingArticle Submission, you would be amazed when you see the results it gives you. Try it. Create one page with testimonials and one page without them and see which page converts more sales.

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Mark Garland is an upcoming Internet marketer who has been helping many people increase their online presence and income. He is the owner of Analyzed Marketing Solutions and has released a highly effective marketing ecourse. It is called The Total Marketers Handbook and will help you build a successful marketing campaign.

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