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Monday, November 29, 2021
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Internet Marketing and The 10 Keys To Success in The Self-Publishing Industry

If you want to build a business on line that will fulfill all your dreams of attaining success you need to follow these 10 keys to really succeed. The opportunity is out there for those who really want to make an effort. This article gives you the basic guidelines, however if you want a step by step walk through of how to get started in this business, follow the link in the resource box.

Of all the types of manufacturing businesses there are out there, the best for return on investment is the information manufacturing business. This is without question the best Internet marketing business you should even consider, of course I am a strong supporter of online membership sites as well.

Information manufacturing means book publishing, newsletter publishing, magazine publishing and so on. What we are going to focus on is online publishing, and this is a very simple way of publishing information, whether it be an electronic book, CDs, DVDs, tele-seminars or Webinars.

As the Internet links us all together, the opportunity for the information publishing industry is growing enormously, online Internet marketing really is the answer to job security, future income growth and success all around. Because of the computer and Internet marketing, the information business has been entirely transformed in a very, very exciting way.

Here is what electronic publishing gives you. First of all, production costs drop dramatically when you become electronic; so do storage costs. Storage costs go down to almost nothing and so do delivery costs. You can deliver everything electronically for next to nothing. Customer service costs, they drop dramatically as well. However, the most important thing to remember is that of all the things that matter in terms of information publishing and Internet marketing, the most important is the cost of having a relationship with your customer.

Here is an example of how to get a giant piece of the action. You write a simple e-book on a subject you have a passion for. You sell the e-book on a very simple one page sales page. Your e-book is published through an online publishing company, which costs you about $50 and this opens up the opportunity for thousands of other people to sell your e-book for a percentage of the sale. You may end up with literally hundreds of people, called affiliates selling your product and stuffing your account with money.

Now, here is the fun part, you break your information product down into chapters, and then you give each chapter to a writer and ask the writer to make it more specific and more actionable. He turns the chapters into special reports, and you then sell the special reports for $100 each. You then get the writer to turn those special reports into Webinars and tele-seminars and your simple information product that you wrote based on knowledge you had and of course some research to help you add content, is producing income from a multitude of avenues. Internet marketing has proven itself successful time and time again, to not jump on the bandwagon is to be passing up the opportunity of a lifetime.

My best recommendation to you is to invest in a start-up Internet marketing fueled information business. Make sure you understand it and make sure you have control over it. Start with one. Once it is up and running, find a protege and start another one. Your chances of success in the Internet Marketing game will be great. Here are your ten keys to success in the info-publishing industry:

1.) Research your market and you find the starving crowd-not a crowd, a starving crowd.

2.) You write the ad for the product, and you put everything into that ad that the audience would want, that would make

them buy, every impulse, every hot button, you have everything in there, and you create the ultimate fantasy. Then, start to

test that ad. On a website, through e-mail, through a space ad in a magazine, and so on, this is Internet marketing.

3.) Write the second ad. For what? Second product.

4.) Repeat.

5.) Repeat.

6.) Repeat.

7.) Repeat.

8.) Repeat.

9.) Never stop making new products; never stop marketing new products. Internet marketing is not going anywheres except up. Can you say that about your current career.

10.) Never give up. If your first product (or second, of fifth) does not succeed, do not give up.

I have been a financial adviser for over 25, and I recommend the Internet marketing path to clients of all ages. I have people in their 50's and 60's that are concerned with their financial condition and I recommend they start an Internet marketing business from home. This is the business that will give you the lifestyle, the money, the time, the freedom, and everything else you want. Stay on the pathComputer Technology Articles, and pretty soon you will be hitting the jackpot every time.

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