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Thursday, March 21, 2019
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Learn To Keep Focused Like Wildly Success Online Marketers

What do Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Walt Disney or any other high achieving entrepreneur have in common? They have mastered the ability to keep their focus allowing them to get things done turning their dreams, aspirations and goals into real results. Here are 5 tips you can use to master staying in focus.

How many times have you scolded yourself for losing focus of your goals, ideas, projects or marketing your online business? If I could have just stuck with it, I would be so much further ahead by now you must admit to yourself.

Lose your focus too many times and suddenly you begin to dream less and become satisfied with your current situation when in the past you had much greater ambitions. You get down on yourself, secretly lose confidence and sometimes turn negative and bitter.

Here are some of the common reasons for losing focus when building your internet marketing business:

  • You fear rejection - you can't possibly handle releasing a product and having it flop
  • You become overwhelmed; the end seems so far that you can't commit to the work
  • You are just not willing to the detailed, boring work
  • You doubt your own ability, skill, knowledge or experience
  • You have never understood how to focus - jumping from task to task seeking distractions
  • You possess insecurity, fear or worry about the future preventing you from focusing on the task at hand

No wonder so many of us have trouble with focus in our lives, the list of obstacles threatening to stand in our way is real.

The good news is that everyone is the same - we all struggle with procrastination, distraction, and lack of focus in our lives and we can change the current situation.

Those who have an above-average ability to focus have simply faced their obstacles, applied corrections in their lives and reinforce these changes by achieving great results in their internet marketing.

FINDING YOUR FOCUSWant to finally throw away the shackles of procrastination, lack of focus and become an action-oriented achiever instead of paralyzed thinker not able to turn ideas into results?Good - because of any change you can make in your life right now, this one can gain you the fastest and largest advantage over your current situation.

Here are 6 ways to beat the focus busters listed above:

  • Learn to seek out feedback and criticism. Understand that the feedback you get as you build your business is pure gold - negative feedback is the #1 source of turning your products and online business into winners. Remember, when you were a child, putting your hand on a hot stove teaches you very effectively not to touch hot things anymore. Be confident that YOU will not be rejected in any business venture you launch, your products, marketing or other approach may be - but that is just feedback to improve and turn your business into the winner you believe it can be.

    When I launch a new business, create a new product, test a new online marketing campaign, I try and fail fast! Constantly seeking feedback will mean you get better much faster.
  • Two tactics to employ to overcome your sense of being overwhelmed - 1) Understand that all goals look more daunting than they really end up to be and 2) break your goal down into a series of manageable steps and reward yourself as you reach each objective.
  • Face it right now; even the most desired jobs, relationships, health programs or most anything else in your life will require that you put in an effort, complete tasks that you may think are boring or even undesirable. Make sure you have a bigger "Why" that keeps you focused through these less desirable times keeping your eyes on the big prize. Look for ways to limit undesirable activities. For example, many information entrepreneurs I coach don't particularly like to write, so I coach them to use techniques for generating content that do not require writing such as "speaking" their book or making use of user generated content.
  • You must have confidence in yourself, that you will not only be able to achieve your end goal, but that you have what it takes to see a project through - in the good times and bad. Visualize yourself taking consistent action, disciplined meeting interim objectives each week. If you don't believe that you can overcome anything to achieve your goal, then you will always be susceptible to interruption impacting your ability to focus.
  • For many people, they have made their way through life without ever having to really practice self-focus. In school we are forced through supervision and step-by-step feedback to focus. In our jobs, our managers and co-workers keep us focused. In our lives, friends and spouses bring us back into focus if we stray offside. With your business, you are suddenly thrust into the sole responsibility of managing yourself as well as your business. Great online marketing achievers have learned to master self-discipline constantly reinforcing their focus with staged achievements.
  • Of all the obstacles that stand in the way of more focus in your online marketing business, worry, anxiety, and fear have to rank #1. If you are worried about your security, you can't focus. If you are anxious about your relationships, career, or almost anything else - then it will be difficult to focus. I strongly recommend that you use techniques such as meditation or yoga to bring these obstacles under control. With yoga and meditation you become aware of these feelings, learn to disassociate yourself from them and park them so you can continue to function in an efficient, focused way.

Your ability to focus can make the difference between a potential entrepreneur with a great idea and a highly successful entrepreneur who has earned millions. Use these powerfulArticle Submission, proven techniques to build your focus and finally achieve great results in your online marketing business.

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