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Sunday, February 24, 2019
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MLM Training- 5 Keys To Duplication

This article explores 5 keys that will help any network marketer develop an effective training program for their team. Lack of effective MLM training to new people is probably the biggest weak spot in the industry, and why so many people never experience exponential growth.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Teach him how to teach others how to fish and you cure world hunger." -Tim salesHave you ever played the game "Chinese Whispers"? It's the game where one person whispers something in the ear of the player beside them in a circle, then person two whispers it to person three, then three to four, etc., until the last person in the circle repeats what they heard. Of course, the message is completely different by the end.

Unfortunately, the game isn't as fun in MLM training, because the game of Chinese Whispers prevents massive duplication from ever happening in an organization. If a leader trains his personal recruits exactly right, but doesn't teach them how to train their people, then something is lost in translation and the training gets weaker and weaker as it goes down the line, IF good training is happening at all.

To create effective MLM training, all you have to do is create four forms, and make these available to your team. Make them as user friendly and "fill in the blank" as possible:

1. A product use form. It is absolutely essential that distributors become a "product of the product". This form teaches new recruits about your product or service, and gets them committed to use it properly. For example, in a nutritional company, you could do a health survey, asking generic questions about their current health, then they could put the date on it, and do it again each month for three months, and at the end of 90 days of consistent product use they can compare the surveys to see how much better their health is. Or course, this only works if you product is any good! In a service related business like insurance, travel, or legal services, your survey could be about areas of their life where they could use the service.

2. A sheet for their "Why" and goals. This sheet is pretty self explanatory, have them write out why they are doing the business, and what goals they want to achieve. And don't let them get away with "I want to make more money." Everybody wants to make more money! Why? What EXACTLY would you do with it? And as your new recruit is filling this form out, you should be taking great notes, because your job is to help them achieve their goals!3. Help them develop a PLAN OF ACTION. There are just three things you have to do to build a network marketing organization:

-Find prospects

-Bring prospects into your business

-Take them to action

So you just need three areas on your Plan Of Action Worksheet, a prospecting method, a way of demonstrating the business to the prospects, and a way to train those new recruits to do what you do. For example, in our business we have four methods of prospecting:

-Warm market

-Internet systems

-Direct mail


I simply review each of these four options with my new recruit, and they pick one. But this next trick is what makes our organization one of the fastest growing in our company: I get them started with their system BEFORE we hang up the phone! For example, if they decide to use the internet, I have them set up their system and get their leads in it, so their autoresponder messages are going out automatically and they are in action! This can't be emphasized enough. In MLM training, too many people just shoot the breeze and talk all about what they are going to do, but they never get started!

4. Have them print off a sheet with your Core Commitments. If you don't know what those are, you need to develop them! Do a google search for "core commitments" and some of the results will be MLM companies. You'll pick up some great ideas from them. Have them put this sheet up where they will see it every day.

5. Teach them about all of the available resources, such as their marketing web-sites, the corporate back office, any local events and trainings, corporate events, etc.

And that's it! All of this can be covered in about an hourArticle Search, and your new recruit is in duplication mode. Now just teach them how to do the same thing with their new recruits and exponential growth is just around the corner!

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Dave Sherwin is an expert network marketer that has discovered how to build a massive global organization using little more than his computer and internet connection. To learn more see:

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