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Saturday, May 25, 2019
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The Hells Angels are doing it - maybe you can too?

ideas on how to market and advertise better but using your clients as well as providing challenges, because everyone loves a challenge

Last night I was watching the local news, and amidst all the typical doom and gloom stories the media loves to share, there was a fascinating interview that took place.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP - the way-over-made-fun-of guys in red with funny looking cowboy hats) blatantly egged on the Hells Angels. The RCMP officer being interviewed actually blamed the Hells Angels on pretty well all of the crime in Canada

You name it... they are to blame.

Now, I don't condone what the Angels do, but I will say the RCMP are absolute morons to believe crime would disappear if the Hells Angels disappeared too.

There has always been crime and there always will be crime, it's one of the facts of life. There will always be people who take advantage of others, and those who thrive off the underground money making activities.

The Hells Angels did something VERY surprising they went on television too. They actually asked a local Calgary News reporter for an interview to counter this officer's claims.

#1 - for them to voluntarily give a TV interview is extremely rare.

#2 - they are upset

#3 - they publicly stated they are upset - and they issued a challenge to the RCMP. Prove to the rest of the world that the Hells Angels are completely responsible for 100% of the crime in Canada

And prove to them that if the Angels were to disappear, crime would too.

They made the RCMP's claim look as ridiculous as it is.

Yes, The Hells Angels do commit crimes they never said they don't. But to go on national TV with a ridiculous claim like this is a challenge and the Hells Angels countered the challenge.

So what does this have to do with advertising and marketing?


Robert Allen issued a challenge to the skeptics put him in a city he doesn't know for 72 hours with only $100 to his name and he would own at least one piece of property after 72 hours with NONE OF HIS OWN MONEY.

A big challenge to prove his system works.

And he delivered; actually he bought 4 properties in 72 hours with no money down.

He became massively famous by throwing down the gauntlet and challenging the media.

How can you use the challenge technique?

Challenge your customers to provide the best video testimonial of the benefits they have received from using your products (all kinds of corporations are using this idea now). You will get incredible video footage you can use in commercials, advertising, marketing campaigns, lead generation campaigns, etc.

Challenge your competitors to a dual. Southwest Airlines is famous for major media challenges and EVERYONE benefits.

Challenge your suppliers to help you decrease your supply costs, best proposals win a year long exclusive contract

Challenge your employees to come up with one new business improvement idea a week. The top ones can be implemented by the person recommending them, and are rewarded with status, even prizes and publicity.

Challenge the media with a big claim you make and that you will prove that claim once and for all in front of the world.

Find a challenge and try it out.

I have a challenge and a contest coming up for the most creative marketing techniques being used (not ideas but ones actually used with favorable results). There will be cash prizes, rewardsHealth Fitness Articles, and a ton of publicity for the winners. More to come.

Everyone LOVES a challenge... give it to them.

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Troy White, The Marketing Results Mentor and Expert Copywriter helps clients achieve HUGE growth surges in their business in very short periods of time. He is a very sought after marketer and advertising specialist who has helped launch some of the world's most profitable marketing systems. For more info visit White's site at or sign up for his Free Cash Flow Surge Newsletter at

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