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Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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What Makes Adsense Work

Some adsense sites are performing well and others just exist in the abyss of cyberspace. Make sure your adsense site is the successful one and keep it out of the abyss.

What does make Adsense work – there are as many ideas as there are theories. Some maintain it is the placement of the ad on the page, some say integrate it into the page and it must have the look and feel of the webpage. It should be at the top and in this format and so the secrets continue.

There is only one real secret to adsense success; it is nothing more than traffic. Without substantial traffic your adsense pages will not make you money. There is proof of this statement, just look at the click through rate that you are receiving on your current pages and you will immediately notice that it takes a lot of visitors to generate a click.

If things go really well you could have as high as a fifty percent and upwards CTR. This is possible, has been done and proven, but it won't just happen on any old page.

Placement of the ad does play a role but it is not so big as many would like you to believe. Information on the best placement of adsense code on your page is no secret and is free information on Google. It is called a heat map and will show you exactly where to place your ads for maximum exposure and CTR.

The problem with most adsense driven sites is exactly that, they are adsense driven. Nobody nowadays seem to care about the visitor landing on the page, they have just become click machines supposed to make you money. According to most adsense sites they are there for you and not the other way around. No second thought is given to the surfing experience of the visitor.

You have been made to believe that you need a multitude of sites and use all sorts of templates and secret positioning tactics for maximum income. So every second would be adsense millionaire is putting up thousands of crappy pages all over the internet to get those adsense clicks that will elevate them to the illusive four and five figure adsense earners. They tend to forget the internet marketplace is probably the most dynamic market there is, and changes every day. Certain elements of course remain the same but you have to be able to broaden your thinking and think out of the box sometimes.

Let's go back to the least important person for most adsense publishers, the visitor to the page. These poor souls land on your pages either through generic or PPC traffic. Either way you have the possibility that they might be clicking on one of your adsense links. The only driving force for the visitor to click your link is he found the information on your page that related to his search, and after going through your page he will click on one of your links in adsense to further his search.

Now adsense displays relevant ads on your page based on the content of the page. If the visitor is not finding what they are looking for how on earth do you expect adsense to find related content ads to place on your page.

By taking your visitor into account and actually providing for them you are also insuring for yourself that the correct adsense ads will be displaying on your pages, and hence will deliver a good CTR. Just putting up one thousand new pages with some template or other automatic page creating device will certainly not hit the mark.

You would most probably be much better off with ten well designed and optimized pages, not only for the search engines but for your visitorsFeature Articles, and you might then really be able to ensure a profitable adsense campaign.

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There will always be elements that remain a constant no matter how dynamic the market. Utilize these to their best effect, and change with the dynamics and be as profitable as you can. To get the real information visit

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