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Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Which Body Spray For Men Smells The Best?

Keep your personality on point with perfect fragrances suitable for the season. Read ahead to know about the best women’s perfume options available in India for winters.

Deodorants are one of the best ways to smell amazing without spending much. They are available in a wide range of fragrances and can be bought online. Being handy and easy to use, one can carry it around using whenever needed. Several brands like Creation, Lomani, Chris Adams, Louis Cardin, and various other international brands offer body sprays for men in India. Here are some of the best body spray for men available online in India,

Otoori Guroor Silver: This non-alcoholic perfume variant will make you smell amazing for long hours. It is safe for the skin, and suitable for anyone having sensitive skin. The fragrance of this deodorant is suitable for day as well as night throughout the year. This is as good as any perfume. This is also safe for clothes. Spray by keeping it at a distance for covering a larger area on the skin.

Lomani Cigar: Inspired bypopular perfume by Lomani, this is deep woody-spicy deodorant perfect for evenings. You will need about two sprays of this perfumed body spray. It is so intense; the aroma stays on for more than 5 hours. You can also use it for layering by matching it with your favourite perfume.

Hot Ice Sprint: A perfect sports deodorant spray with an amazing fragrance. Smell fresh for hours with this herby citrusy body spray.  This is great for all-day use throughout the year. The bottle is handy and can be carried around anywhere you wish. It is also safe for the skin and will not stain your clothes.

Chris Adams Let’s Imagine: A warm woody perfume inspired by popular Chris Adams perfume and one of the best deodorants for men. the spray can is designed for easy handling and carrying. Spray it right after taking bath and you will never smell bad. The aroma stays on for hours without fading away. Make sure to spray it from a distance in short sprays.

How to make body spray last long?

For making your body spray last long, follow the same rules that apply to perfumes. Get a non-alcohol variant as they are filled with the best fragrance essence. They will not evaporate as fast as regular perfumes do. Apply the body spray on clean skin. This helps in absorbing the perfume molecules for a lasting aroma. Spray deodorants on your pulse point to enhance the fragrance and make it last longer.

Where should I spray deodorant, on clothes or body?

This is one of the most asked questions by deodorant users. Should they apply the deodorant spray on their body or their clothes? Well, if your deodorant is antiperspirant and it has talc, it is better to avoid spraying on clothes. It can cause discoloration in the fabric colour. Some deodorants have alcohol in them. Spraying these on delicate clothes can cause damage to the fabric. Spray such deodorants only on your skin. However, there are body sprays that are free from alcohol that hasa good fragrance. You can spray these on your clothes as well as on your skin.

Does spraying deodorant right after a shower helps?

Right after you take shower, pores on your skin are clean and open. They can hold on to the fragrance molecules of the deodorant spray. Like perfumes, if deodorants are applied on the skin right after taking shower, it lasts longer. Make it work better by applying moisturiser on your skin before spraying body spray. This will give the fragrance molecules something to stick to.

Avoid buying local deodorants with poor fragrance concentration. If your skin is sensitiveFree Articles, you must stick to the non-alcohol options available with brands like Otoori. Use them smartly following these simple tips for making your deodorant as good as perfumes.

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