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Saturday, June 6, 2020
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8 Barriers to Education in Underprivileged Areas

There are millions of children around the world who live in poverty and are unable to educate themselves. It's not because they don't want to go to school or learn new things to become successful - they do. They are passionate to sit in the classroom, make new friends, study and lead a successful life. So, why aren’t they living the life the way they desire? Because they’re underprivileged.

In this article, we have compiled a list of top 8 challenges faced by the students living in rural areas.

8 Barriers Students Living in Poor Areas Face 1.Lack of Educational Funding

We mostly observe developing countries facing financial issues when it comes to funding schools or colleges. They neither have enough sponsors nor do they get it from the world. Turn out, this becomes one of the most challenging parts where the administrators have no choice but to decrease the quality of the education. It becomes necessary to do so because of lack of funds and these underprivileged students suffer.

2.Untrained or No Teachers

Students can learn only when their teachers are capable enough to deliver the lectures. Sadly, most of the schools in poor areas do not have instructors with enough qualifications and skills. They are only focused on making money, neglecting the future of those kids and the country. In this case, the students either drop out or skip school because they aren't getting what they have paid for.

3.No Decent Classroom or Space

How can you expect a child to show interest in the studies when they don't have a proper learning environment? Many children around the world study in a crowded classroom or classrooms that have no desks and chairs. They also have insufficient learning and qualification supplies to provide the students, let alone a small room to sit and study.

4.Children with Disabilities 

Generally speaking, a disabled person is often neglected and mistreated just because they are differently-abled or special. When it comes to education, they are not even given equal rights and often get expelled due to multiple issues. It is high time that we realise that education is everyone's right and this discrimination hurts their morale and self-confidence.

5.Lack of Learning Material

No matter how efficiently a teacher delivers a lecture, there is a need for learning materials. It helps the students understand the topic deeply, improve student focus and help them in raising questions in case of confusions. However, in most of the low-financed schools, there is no custom of providing the learners with notes, chapters or textbooks. This is why, the learners end up losing grades or performing poorly in overall academic performance.

6. Gender Discrimination

In many areas around the world, male students are considered privileged. This is why, education is only permitted to them. On the other hand, females are forced to look after the household chores. Roughly around 100 million female children are denied admission just because they are the inappropriate gender for education. This has become a global debate where several influencers are fighting for women and female rights especially for basic education.

7. Commute Problems

Since there are very few schools around the locality, students in poor areas travel at least 10 KM back and forth from their home to school. Some of them are foot travellers while others travellers use vehicles or carts. Either way, each one of them struggle physically and on monetary terms to get high-quality education. At times, when it becomes dreadful for them, they drop the idea of going to school completely.

8.Education Expenses

People living in rural areas are already low on budget and spending a few pennies on education which makes it difficult for them to meet ends. So, they deny their children the basic right and force them to earn money instead. The children themselves have no say in this and are obliged to do what they are ordered.

What Teachers Can Do?

Being a teacher you can do the following things for your students to make education easy for them.

1.Conduct Private Extra Classes

Most of the time the class timings are not enough for the students to concentrate and learn new things. You can offer them some extra classes after school to help them understand each topic clearly.

2.Build a Bond

Students are often shy and remain quiet throughout the lectures. This may keep you wondering whether or not they grasp what you are saying. In this way, you can offer them support and ask questions during the class to ensure they understand. It will help you know them better and develop a much stronger bond.

3.Visualise Your Lectures

Plain and boring lessons often decreases students' interest in the subject. You can enhance engagement by adding pictures, graphs or other types of visuals in your lectures.

4.Help Prioritise the Assignments

Younger students living in poverty often have a chaotic life. They have responsibilities at home to fulfil and tons of assignments may get neglected in between. Here, you can help them schedule their assignments priority wise to prevent them from missing out on the deadlines.

5.Step Up to Bullies

Not only in poor areas but in well-developed localities too, there are cases where students bully each other. It becomes so toxic that the victim tries to stay at home and avoid school altogether. Being a teacher, if you sense bully among the students, you must confront the tormentor.

Moving Towards a Vibrant Learning Environment

These are the few ways teachers can ensure that the students get top quality education regardless of the class they belong to. After all, classrooms are the only place where they learn about various aspects and explore themselves.

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