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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Calibration of Viscometer

Viscometer is calibrated using standard solutions those have predetermined viscosity. different spandals are used in calibration of viscometer.

1 Ensure the instrument is clean and free from dust.

2 Check the soul level of the viscometer each time before utilization. The level is balanced by utilizing the three leveling screws on the base.. Change, so that the soul level on top of the instrument is focused inside the circle.

3 Turn the force switch situated on the back board on the ON position.

4 Place the thickness standard liquid (in a 500ml container) into the water shower.

5 The thickness standard liquid, ought to be inundated in the shower for at least 60 minutes, blending the liquid intermittently, before taking estimations.

6 After 60 minutes, check the temperature of the thickness standard liquid with a thermometer. It must be inside ±0.1°C of 25°C.

7 Attach the craved shaft to the viscometer.

8 Measure the thickness and record the perusing including % and cPs at three distinct velocities utilizing the same axle. Ascertain the mean worth. The mean thickness perusing ought to equivalent the cPs esteem on the consistency liquid standard to inside the joined precision's of the viscometer and the standard.

9 For a 12,500 standard liquid with a consistency at 12,720 cPs at 25°C, the acknowledgement criteria is somewhere around 12,393 and 13,047 cPs by utilizing axle 4 at speed 30 RPM. So also at 20 RPM it is somewhere around 12,293 and 13,147 cPs and at 12 RPM it is somewhere around 12,093 and 13,347 cPs.

10 After checking the consistency of standard then exchange the liquid back to the jug with no tainting.

11 Remove the shaft clean and spot it legitimate box after utilization.

12 Calculation for the acknowledgement furthest reaches of the viscometer calibration standard liquid

Full scale consistency territory = TK x SMC x 10000/ RPM


TK = Torque steady,

SMC = Spindle multiplayer steady and

RPM = Rotation every moment.

= 20,000 cPs.

200cPs (1% of 20,000) + 127.2 cPs (1% of 12,750 cPs) = 327.2 cPs.

EXAMPLE:  Suppose we have a dial viscometer RVT and a Brookfield Standard Fluid of 5000 cps with the real consistency of 4,990 cps at 25 degrees Celsius. To gauge this we utilize a RV shaft #3 at the rate of 20 rpm. The perusing got is 4,970 cps. The mistake for the liquid is 1% of 4,990, that is 49.9 cps, and the lapse for the viscometer is 1% of 5000 (most extreme range being used given by the axle #3 at 20 rpm) , that is 50 cps. The aggregate mistake is 49.9+50=99.9 cps. To ascertain the extent, subtract and include 99.9 from 4990. The reach is (4890.1 to 5089.9) cps. Any perusing inside this reach implies the viscometer is balanced. In our sample, 4Article Search,970 cps is inside the above reach so the viscometer is OK.

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Brookfield viscometer calibration is written by Ankur Choudhary, a professional pharmaceutical blogger and founder of Pharmaceutical Guidelines.

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