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Sunday, May 26, 2019
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Has nature used a stupid to deal another stupid? the possible facts of man and microbes

Man and microbes are the two finest products nature has ever produced but unfortunately some microbes and most men behave.......

Is there any microbe on earth deserves to be called stupid?  Why should it be so stupid, is it due its primitiveness or due to lack of knowledge? Microbes are although present everywhere and ubiquitously prevalent, but they do not having any proper education and schooling hence are they stupid?  Nature has not produced any species with less intelligence or capability and nor had favoured any or been prejudiced with some.    

Why then the title or tag ‘stupid’ applies to some microbes?  What is the true definition of ‘stupid’?  In the evolutionary parlance, stupid refers to the act of any organism which is self deteriorating or self destroying in nature.  If some species or life forms attempt to destroy its own existence for short gains like destroying its ecosystem etc., then such species have to be called ‘stupid’ 

It is not just utilization of the resource or having the strength, capability and monopoly on the resource that matters but the utilization of the above with the complete awareness on the conservation of such resources is what every living organism except man is practicing or perpetuating in nature.   

When the situation was like this, why should certain microbes behave so differently and strangely?  Or in other words, why certain microbes behave like man in destroying their own ecosystem and proving disaster to their very existence.   When they engage in such an act, is it wrong to call such microbes ‘stupid’? 

Perhaps many deadly pathogens would have formed an elite club of ‘stupid microbes’ and are destroying the host ecosystem in which they survive.  On the contrary, many other microbes have smartly evolved as ‘parasites’ like some ‘corporate employees’, inflicts less harm to the host while using the same host for their very survival. 

How nature would have favoured the evolution of some microbes to be so stupid?  Was man a stupid creation of nature or the best creation of nature?  In all probabilities and possibilities, man is indeed the best creation of nature.  If so why man has become so stupid in destroying his ecosystem and the very nature? 

When the best product of nature, the man could go stupid, why should we blame the nature for the stupid behaviour of some microbes?   Man chose to be stupid and so is some microbes.  

Theoretically speaking, man and microbes are the only two best creations ever nature had made.  Microbes, without anything (being single celled), are extremely powerful and the man with all his unique intelligence what no other creation of nature has, are also equally powerful.  

Interestingly, what nature thought to be the best perhaps would have proven to be the worst?  Hence two stupid’s may be fighting with each other. 

Imagination also can be stretched a bit like this.  PerhapsArticle Submission, nature would have used its card game well by using one stupid to deal another stupid.    

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Dr S Ranganathan, Director, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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