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Saturday, January 22, 2022
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Is TEFL course difficult and hard to pass?

Simply put – one can fail of course in a TEFL course. If you already have a degree and are a fluent speaker of English, you will be completely able to handle the load of the course.

according to one teacher, "TEFL courses were originally designed for high school grades and seem to have that level of content." Bear in mind that grammar lessons can be technically and slowly moving — it's more difficult than it seems to be to re-teach the "why" behind a particular sentence structure!

Students drop out more often than not, rather than fail. And those who fail to display behaviors that could impact their ability to succeed abroad as an ESL teacher — emotional instability, lack of dedication, arrogance. Not all good ESL teachers have one attribute in common.

Skills in time management are necessary to ensure TEFL is NOT difficult to pass.

Especially if you complete your course in addition to other obligations and responsibilities such as a full-time job or a college degree program, it is important that you spend time on your TEFL coursework, complete assignments, and meet your deadlines. If you're committed to the course, have an open mind and desire to learn, put in the elbow grease, connect with teachers, and allow yourself the time and space to focus on the course for its duration, it's very unlikely that you'll fail your TEFL course. It is entirely up to you to commit to your TEFL course. So what, then, will you do to make sure your TEFL course blends in?

7 Tips to help you pass your TEFL course
  1. Consistency

Online or in-person TEFL courses – particularly accredited ones – require the same, if not more, effort as your college courses. One way to combat the temptation of thinking "I already speak English so this is going to be a cinch" is to maintain a regular schedule for study and class 'attendance.' Set aside a time you devote each day (or week) to completing your coursework or listening to online lectures. Break your online TEFL course into manageable time frames while keeping a clear schedule will help keep you on the right road to TEFL certification.

Self-paced certainly doesn't mean to rush anything to the end — that technique is a short cut to your TEFL course failure.

  1. Community connect online

Did you opt for a TEFL course online due to its convenience? You did of course! Have you selected a TEFL course online, because other people don't like you? It's unlikely considering where a TEFL course would take you on the professional road. While online courses are great for supporting your current lifestyle, they can be isolated. Fight the online course blues by seeking someone else who takes the same course as you, or who has already taken the course and is now living the dream as an ESL coach! After your TEFL course, finding someone else to bounce off ideas or dream about your life will keep you on track and inspired to complete your coursework and ace.

  1. Doing your TEFL course abroad? Enroll in a country you can see yourself staying for a while

See you in Thailand teaching ESL or taking a TEFL course in Prague? Spend time visualizing what you look like throughout your teaching career. You could get a better chance to get a job as an ESL teacher in a country where you've taken a TEFL course only because you're already there. Give careful thought about what kind of life you'd like to lead as a TEFL instructor because if you're happy in your surroundings, that's going to boost your satisfaction as a TEFL instructor — and your opportunity to get TEFL certification!

Start sending out TEFL work feelers when finishing your course to reduce your change from "student" to "teacher!"

  1. An open mind

There are a lot of myths about TEFL certifications; everyone has an opinion about the kind of people you encounter in the TEFL world to the best approaches to teaching English as a Second Language. By being TEFL certified you will need to be transparent and inquisitive, aware not only of your coursework but of the world around you.

Why are you essential to being a TEFL instructor? What drives the organization’s goal to deliver your certification? What is life like in the city where you take your TEFL course (whether it's online or in-person!)?

  1. Flexibility

The class was expected to be at the agreed location on Wednesday morning (either remotely or IRL), but was transferred at the last minute across town (or on another online platform) to Thursday afternoon. The teacher who agreed to help you get your hours of practical teaching no longer has the time to mentor you. You get the idea, you change plans and life happens. In order to adapt, you'll need to be versatile. Keep a flexible mindset and know the plans will change — and you can adapt to them.

  1. Time Management

There's nothing more frustrating than opening your next module to discover that your assignment is due later that evening — or worse, yesterday! Rather than running around assignments and activities like a chicken with your head off, set up a get-go system to ensure all of your course obligations are taken into account. A calendar on your notebook or simply a calendar on Google will do the trick; simply convert the syllabus and assignments into clear dates and reminders into your system.

  1. End game in sight

There will be times when your course on TEFL gets rough. The material is monotonous, from this lesson you feel like you already know something, your community project makes you want to barf something. But remember — with great work comes to a great reward, and the opportunity, thanks to your TEFL certificate, to grab high paying English teaching jobs abroad is the ultimate payoff.

This is all part of the adventure; it will allow you the freedom to work abroad, help you obtain higher-quality gigs with better pay, and encourage you to live abroad while you're going to work and travel. It really is worth it!

Is TEFL difficult to pass? Even if you follow our advice! Many certification courses are the equivalent of a university-level five or six credit hour course, so be prepared to work hard. If you put the above-exposed secrets into effectPsychology Articles, you will be freshly certified and ready to enter the job hunt in no time!

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