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Friday, December 4, 2020
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Learning English by Audiobooks

In the process of learning, optimize your work by transferring words and expressions from the passive to the active vocabulary, it is necessary to work in the next direction - to read aloud, to memorize the syntax structures, to tape your speech on the audiocarrier, in order to compare your pronunciation with pronunciation of the speaker. 

Considering the learning method by audiobooks, it can be said that this is one of the effective tools for learning English and improvement of knowledge of the English language. Such learning process would require time and effort from you. But achievement of this goal, to which you go, will be a good result of your pursuit of mastery of the English language by using audiobooks. You can select good audiobooks on the recommendations of professional teachers and tutors who from their experience will advise which option will be the best for you at the initial stage of learning. These audiobooks should contain the main sections of grammar and phonetics. This should ensure a high level of perception of the material. There are a number of specialized shops, in which they will offer you upscale audiobooks of good authors and speakers. Such audiobooks in English will be very useful for formation of conversational speech in English, grammatical basis and phonetics. Audiobooks can be used in self-tuition, at courses, at classes with a tutor, that allows you to immerse yourself in the environment of the English language. This method of learning is very convenient in business and tourist trips, at leisure, you will always be able to provide yourself with necessary English language listening, at any time convenient for you.

When using audiobooks, students form correct perception of English speech at a high level, that is backed by the latest studies. A good audiobook solidifies, on a subconscious level, a very large number of rules, forms a significant base of words that gives the basis for future formation of knowledge of English. Active use of audiobooks can be continued throughout the whole time of use of the English language that will ensure permanent control over own level of English.

Specialized audiobooks on occupational topics will enable you to strengthen your skills and knowledge in your occupational sphere, if you have to work in a foreign company. They will increase the opportunities to expand the horizons in the field of professional activity, to provide oneself with career growth as a successful specialist. Using audiobooks in everyday life is a good argument for communication with foreign friends and partners, as you can always discuss this or that topic of this book. Strengths of using audiobooks are undeniable, their application in the world's leading universities only proves this progressive method of learning. Organization and schedule of such learning will be fully provided with detailed formation of the learning process. Such organization of learning English is conveniently formed in the overall program of student training, that may objectively increase efficiency of such learning. Analyzing such processes of learning English by audiobooks, many professional teachers have come to conclusion that such immersion in the language environment is not less effective than communicating with native speakers. Developing the learning program by audiobooks, you should take into account a number of aspects of the whole process of learning.

Audiobooks differ depending on the way by which the text of the audiobook was recorded. Audiobooks are pronounced by native speakers - British and American speakers. Typically, these audiobooks are recorded using professional equipment in the studio. This is the best option for learning English by audiobooks. Audiobooks are pronounced not by native speakers, but linguists or teachers of the English language. Such audiobooks are also often recorded in studios. This option is almost not inferior to the previous one, except for the fact that when listening to such audiobooks, skills of perception of the native-speaker's speech are developed not so actively. Audiobooks are pronounced by amateurs. You can often find an audiobook, which is, as a general rule, recorded at home. The authors of these audiobooks are people that have good knowledge of English, but are not linguists. From the point of view of native speaker speech perception, listening to these audiobooks is practically useless. However, listening to them is useful for developing own vocabulary. Audiobooks created using computer software. There are so called TTS programs (Text-to-Speech) that transfer text into audio. The obtained result can be hardly called an audiobook, as a computer program cannot reproduce the intonation and pronounce the words together. These audiobooks are not suitable for learning English.

Audiobooks in English

What is the benefit of audiobooks in English. Firstly, audiobooks in English is the best way of auditory perception of information. This is a peculiar kind of training of own linguistic audition. When listening to audiobooks in English, you perceive information practically in direct contact with native speakers that cannot be achieved with reading conventional books. Secondly, using audiobooks in English, you develop your vocabulary. Any book or story is primarily interest to the events about which the book is written. And if it is interesting for the person, he/she will look for unfamiliar words in the dictionary, so that not to lose the narrative thread. Thirdly, listening to audiobooks in English and simultaneous reading of the original text is a perfect way of training grammar. In this type of learning, you see and hear real examples of using different grammatical structures. It is very difficult to teach arid rules, and much easier to take them on real-life examples.

Methodology for learning language by audiobooks in English. This methodology does not pretend to be unique, however, its benefits are proven by many practical examples. This method of learning English by using audiobooks requires spending 6-7 days per one audiobook for up to 10 minutes. The first stage. Listen to an audiobook without viewing the text. Try to understand the meaning and do not pay attention to grammar and syntax. At this stage, it is important to perceive the listened material as a flow of thoughts, rather than separate words. Listen to an audiobook in English 3-5 times in one day.

The second stage. Open the text and listen to an audiobook. Read the text to yourself, simultaneously with the speaker. Pay attention to the words which translation you don't know. Try to guess the meaning of these words from the context. Then check yourself by dictionary. For quick access to the dictionary, double-click on the word in the text. Listen to the audiobook in English and read the text to yourself 3-5 times during the second day of learning. Strictly keeping on the schedule on listening to audiobooks in EnglishFree Articles, you can significantly improve your skills of native speaker speech perception skills over a period of 2-3 months.

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