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Monday, June 17, 2019
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Technical Facts about Solar Energy

A summary of basic technical facts about solar energy.* A photovoltaic module or solar panel is made up of about 40 photovoltaic cells.* "Photovoltaic module" and "photovoltaic cell" are the technical...

A summary of basic technical facts about solar energy.

* A photovoltaic module or solar panel is made up of about 40 photovoltaic cells.

* "Photovoltaic module" and "photovoltaic cell" are the technical terms for "solar panel" and "solar cell."

* When a photovoltaic module is used to charge batteries it is commonly referred to as a "solar battery charger."

* Several photovoltaic modules or panels arranged alongside each other are referred to as a "photovoltaic array" or a "solar array." The usual setup for a system in the home consists of an array consisting of ten to twelve panels or photovoltaic modules.

* The color of the panels varies, depending on what material is used to make the cells inside the panel.

* Energy from the sun can be collected by hybrid chargers and used to recharge batteries, or to recharge cell phones and other gadgets directly.

Environmental Facts:

* All life on earth is dependent upon solar energy. In fact, without it, there would be no life at all. Even the lowest life forms on Earth, such as plankton and microbes, need energy in the form of sunlight in order to survive.

* Solar power is completely environmental friendly, producing absolutely no carbon emissions or other harmful byproducts, whatsoever. It can be used successfully and cost-effectively in just about any location on the planet. You do not need to live in a tropical or desert climate in order to benefit from its use. It has been used successfully in many cold climates, and even in the polar regions.

* Every area of the United States of America receives enough sunlight to benefit from and make use of solar technology.

* Currently, the cheapest and most effective way of using solar power in your home is through the use of solar hot water heating systems. In fact, these systems have been commercially available in the United States for over a 100 years.

* The sun's energy can be used for heating homes effectively in cold climates, as well as in warm climates. In factBusiness Management Articles, this form of heating has been in use many cold-climate northern European countries for several decades now.

* Solar energy technology has advanced far enough that it can be a viable and cost-effective replacement for regular grid-electricity. Its popularity is rapidly increasing - so much so that the demand for solar-powered gadgets is currently greater than the supply.

There is no shortage of energy on Earth and no need to use damaging fossil fuels. It is simply a matter of utilizing and advancing alternative energy technologies for a cleaner future.

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