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Sunday, April 5, 2020
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The new century Guru Drona

Ours Vedas are amongst few of the earliest written manuscripts in the world. We get to know a lot about how India being one of the earliest civilizations has contributed in development of science and ...

Ours Vedas are amongst few of the earliest written manuscripts in the world. We get to know a lot about how India being one of the earliest civilizations has contributed in development of science and arts. We have produced some of the great mathematicians, Doctors, scientists, philosophers, writers and artists of the world. Arybhatt and BrahmGupta have become a paradigm of excellence worldwide. We may feel proud and thankful to them but the fact is that we are continuously failing to produce such remark of excellence in 21st century. Ever wondered why? If unmatched brilliance of brain or working of brain is taken into consideration as a cause then it turns out to be nothing more but an excuse because technically we are more equipped than people were in those times. We ought to produce better results.

Where is the problem then? Problem lies with the teaching technique. There are hundreds of teacher-student examples are there that inspire us to dream and achieve big. Teachers in ancient times not only made their students sharp academically but also made them emotionally and intellectually sound. Sadly there are no such examples visible these days. All we come across are the unfortunate incidents of harsh corporal punishments in schools or jovial assaults by teachers. No matter how many reasons we give to explain such chaos what most matters are the results that are horrendous. Class rooms are flooding with students and teachers are becoming irresponsible. Neither do they teach dedicatedly nor do students study nicely. Hence we are losing on producing talents day by day.

Technology came in to help us in preserving and producing new intellectuals through its efficient software that helps in sharpening studentís memory like it was done in earlier times. Technology has taken the responsibility to make sure that human brain gets its regular sharpening and polishing. Software market has created a provision i.e. Abacus learning software for students so that they do not lose on their caliber anymore because of adverse study conditions. The makers of such software certainly understand that development of memory in spatial arrangement is crucial not only academics but also for personal development of a student. This software takes care of studentís brain by making it perform regular exercises and assessments. Students get proper attention through them which otherwise isnít possible from their teachers in schools.

Its an acknowledged fact that the strength of a building is measured by its base. Similarly a student needs to have a clear concept and a strong hold over his subject in order to excel it. But hectic, tight and limited time schedule leaves no room for students to clarify or build strong base in each subject which is the reason why we see number of students failing in more than one subject are increasing rapidly. Software such as the one offered by Abacus academy evaluates students through its own parameters which are more countable than results produced in schools.

Such online academies aim at preparing students for a global level competition. They are goal oriented and have a dedicated team working towards attainment of these set goals. Hence preparing students for a better tomorrowFree Web Content, this software seems to be the new Dronacharya of 21st century.††††††††††††

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Article is about, Abacus training sessions in Abacus Franchisee that why they are introduced and also one may know more about that what they are serving for the children.

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