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Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Top 3 online Chemistry tools on the Web

Chemistry is the science of chemical elements, compounds and their interaction with each other. People in this field study chemical reactions, chemical components and chemical emergentism

It has the honor of being one of the three fundamental sciences, the other two being biology and physics. No wonder, a lot of people choose chemistry as the academic discipline for their study.

This Science has come a long way since Robert Boyle’s time and is sufficiently complex these days. All sciences began simple and became progressively complex over time. 

The chemical equation solving and calculations have become too complex to be productively carried out by the human mind. Fortunately, humanity kept up, thanks to the Information Technology revolution.

Information Technology is helping the scientific academia, particularly the chemical academia in this case, in solving these brute force and big data problems through different tools. 

Consider the online web based apps for academia, there’s tons of apps for chemistry students to help them with assignments, exam preparation and research. 

Here, we’ve listed the top 3 most used web based chemistry tools based on the data we collected off the internet. 

Equation Balancer

Equation balancing refers to balancing the number of coefficients (atoms) on both sides of the equation i.e reactants and products.

Nature does not allow chemical reactions that are not balanced since mass is always conserved in a closed system due to the first law of thermodynamics.

Equation Balancer is a tool used by chemistry students to balance chemical equations. No wonder it’s in hot use. 

Most chemistry students when working in labs with a lot of chemical reactions, need 

something like this. 

If they’d started balancing equations by hand, imagine the amount of time it’d take and how much productivity would go to waste. 

This humble free balancer allows students to focus on chemical reactions while it takes care of the balancing act. 

According to our research, this is the most used chemistry web based tool on the internet. 

Theoretical Yield Calculator

When a chemical reaction occurs, chemical products are produced. This is called the yield of a chemical reaction. 

Now there’s two kinds of yields. Theoretical yield and Actual Yield. As the names imply, Theoretical yield is theoretical, in that it’s the perfect yield that is never really obtained. 

Actual yield on the other hand, is the yield that is actually obtained imperfect yield. It's always less than the theoretical yield due to a lot of real world variables affecting chemical reactions. 

You might wonder what makes theoretical yield so important that this tool is the second most used web based chemistry app!

Well, it’s because theoretical yield acts as a metric, a sort of map if you will, to guide the actual yield which would be a rough approximation of the theoretical yield. 

This is why it's needed in a chemical reaction and this is why theoretical yield calculators are so popular with chemistry students and chemists themselves. 

Half Life Calculator

You might’ve heard about Half Life from the game titled Half Life. It’s a practical concept in radioactive reactions. Basically, it is the decay of a radioactive substance by half the amount in a given time. 

After the substance has decayed by half the amount, it would then decay by half the amount of the remaining amount and so on. 

This is an important concept in radioactive chemistry and allows chemists and chemistry students to calculate when a radioactive substance would decay. 

Wrapping things up:

In conclusionBusiness Management Articles, we know that Information Technology is greatly helping chemistry students in unprecedented ways. 

The result is a massive increase in productivity. Every second saved through these tools is a second put in more productive aspects of education.

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