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Monday, June 1, 2020
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3 Ideas for Improving Squeeze Page Conversions

Getting people to join your email opt in list while on your squeeze page is a large challenge for anyone marketing online.
People in general are reluctant to leave their personal information due mainly to the impersonal nature of the squeeze pages they visit.
Read more to view 3 suggestions that you can immediately use to bypass this reluctance and increase your squeeze page opt in rates.

Collecting names on your squeeze page can sometimes seem like pulling teeth. For many different reasons visitors are reluctant to join any email opt in list presented to them on various squeeze pages. If you intend to build a list of email addresses for your business this reluctance needs to be examined more closely. We must explore the reason for this hesitancy or reluctance to join any email opt in list presented to them online.

Remember as children we were taught to never speak to strangers? Well could this be the root of the reluctance people demonstrate when asked for their contact information?

Operating on this premise we now ask ourselves how we can best make page visitors more comfortable opting into any list.

Here are 3 thoughts/suggestions that can very well make people less reluctant to leave their contact information when visiting any opt-in page you have.

No Names - Just Addresses

Instead of asking for names and email addresses on your squeeze pages just ask for the email address itself. This approach will be a lot less intrusive to anybody considering leaving their contact information. Besides what do you need a first name for to begin with? Having the ability to 'automatically' place a persons name in an email does not necessarily make the message more personal. When you consider that most people are familiar with this technique used by email marketers it no longer has the intended affect.

People surfing the internet are a savvy bunch and do not kid yourself by thinking otherwise.

Single Opt-Ins Are Fine

Look you are trying to persuade people to join your email opt in list so what sense does it make to throw additional 'hurdles' up that made dissuade them? Having a double opt-in accomplishes exactly what?

OK it may help 'authenticate' the email address but I personally would rather take my chances with a fake email address than losing a potential opt-in. It seems we tend to really push the limits of these people.

Identify Yourself

Many people place their names on their sales page so how about also putting it on squeeze pages. It makes all the sense in the world being this is our initial introduction to the people we want to join our email opt in list. Think about itFree Reprint Articles, what is the first thing you do when meeting someone for the very first time? You introduce yourself by name.

By doing this we may make people a little more comfortable since they can now 'place' a name on us. In addition when they receive their initial email message they will see our name thereby recognizing why the message is being sent and not delete it.

Collecting names on a squeeze page can be frustrating since most people are reluctant to join any email opt in list online. This reluctance needs to be examined if we intend to build a list of email addresses for business building purposes using squeeze pages. Since questions posed on most squeeze pages can be considered somewhat intrusive perhaps a 'softer' approach may be more effective. The 3 suggestions we reviewed here today serve to hopefully increase the comfort zone of visitors by asking less of them and offering more about us. In the end it is quite likely visitors may be more inclined to add their contact information to your list of email addresses.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
For more tips about using a Squeeze Page and to receive a free instructional manual that teaches valuable niche research techniques visit:

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