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Sunday, January 23, 2022
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Best NSF to PST Converter to Repair Corrupt NSF File

Best NSF to PST Converter - Repair Corrupt NSF File

IBM Lotus and IBM Domino are the client and server technology respectively.It is the groupware application developed by the LOTUS and acquired by the IBM.It was an application to support the features of distributed database, which is access by the users using the LAN and WAN. But there are certain reasons due to which the Lotus Notes data get corrupted such as NSF file is not valid, File is not the database file are some them. Therefore there need to repair corrupt NSF file using the NSF to PST Converter Software.

 Introduction to Lotus Notes

The server software is called as Domino and the client's software is called as the IBM notes. Domino can run on the various operating system which makes it independent of OS.10000 or more user can be registered per server in an enterprise environment.

The security feature in IBM NOTES is independent of the server OS or the active directory.

It is configured to use the active directory identity of the user itself.Th generalized replication facility is not limited to emails, calendars, and contacts, it can be available for any application. There is no need for special programming, tagging or other configuration to enable the replication.IBM Domino server Notes clients identify NSF files by their replica ID and keep replicate files synchronized by bi-directionally exchange data.



PROGRAM: The IBM Lotus note is also based on the client-server architecture.On the client's computer the NOTES, Domino Designer and the Domino administrator gives interactive graphical based interface access to the database and files local to the client computers and to the shared databases

SERVER PROGRAM: On the server program the Domino server program supports the connection between clients and the server. It also manages set of tasks which are a program that either perform driven database chores- such as routing the message to mailboxes and updating user accounts or connect various types of clients such as Notes, Web Browser, Cobra to the server.

NOTES OBJECT SERVICES: It is the foundation of the IBM Notes architecture. It is the common thread that ties the entire notes architecture together. NOS implements the service that creates and maintain notes databases. It is the set of portable C/C+ functions that create and access the information on the databases and files, compile and interpret formula's and scripts and interface to OS services in a consistent and portable way.


NSF is the key component of the NOS Notes clients and the Domino Server programs.Use NSF to create and manage Notes database.When a program calls on NSF to access a local database that is one that resides on the same clients on the server computer on which program is running.NSF calls to file system facility of Local OS to create and manage Notes database files directly.


Task that maintains the Notes application

Maintains the server and administration activities

Manage mail calendar and schedule

Tasks that manage protocols

Monitors the server activities.



The authentication is the main aspects which differentiate it from the other clients in the same domain. It is important because it allows you to differentiate one user from the other; without it, you could not identify between user. It is the key to providing the access to the Notes and Domino Server resources. It is based on the certificate, which is the electronic stamp added by a certified to a Notes id file.

Notes id file is the file created when the admin create the new user. The registration processes create an ID for the user or server and place it in the Domino directory and its file is located in the local workstation of the user.

There are Three types of the ID files:

User: It is the user id for the Notes Clients.

Certifier: Verifier is used only for certifying the other notes id.

Server: Server id is the Notes for the Domino Server.



There are two main protocols used by the IBM Notes:

NRPC(Notes Remote Procedure call)

SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)

The Notes Remote Procedure call follows up subroutine method. It cab be set up to route mail within the Domino domain and to route mail between Domino domains. It uses the 1352 port number for sending and receiving the data.When using the NRPC protocol it routes the data in Notes rich text format and uses MIME protocol also.

Simple mail transfer protocol is the native protocol of Domino. It is generally used to connect to the server.When we using the SMTP, Domino only routes the MIME messages. The default port number of the SMTP is 25.

Domino MAIL.BOX act as the repository. Mail routing begins when the router finds a new or change message in the mailbox.

The procedures of mail routing in IBM Notes:

The router tasks initialize builds the routing table, determine the max number of threads to allocate and check emails boxes.If the router finds the new or change in MAIL.BOX, its main threads builds message queue.

The main threads dispatches each queue message to transfer queue or to a local delivery queue

Transfer and delivery threads check the transfer and delivery queue for updates.Based on this update the main thread modifies the main messages queue and the messages in MAIL.BOX.


LOCATIONS OF NSF FILES - Repair Corrupt NSF file

Location of Names.nsf:-

C>program files>IBM>domino>data>mail>names.nsf

Location of id.nsf:-

C>program files >IBM>Notes>Data>ids

Location of Archieve.nsf:-

C>progarm files>IBm>Notes>data>Archieve.nsf

Location of username.nsf:-

C>program files>IBM>Domino>data>mail>username.nsf


NEED OF Best NSF to PST Converter to Repair Corrupt NSF File

User interface: - The interface of Notes is more complex than its competitor such as Outlook, Thunderbird etc. The layman cannot be used this if he is not guided by the experts or technical person.

Economic Factor: The outlook comes in a bundle with the MS office suite which makes its cost reduced while IBM Notes is the stand-alone tool, costs more.

Access multiple accounts: By using the Outlook the one can access multiple accounts on the same interface but this does not happen with the Notes.You have to log out to sign in with accounts.

Maintainance Cost: The cost of maintaining the software in case Of IBM Notes is more than in Outlook.


The Bottom Line

Lotus Notes is one of the best email platform used to meet the communication need of large organization. It provides the best security mechanism to prevent the phishing or other attacks. Apart from these advantages, Lotus Notes is no so popular because of its sophisticated graphical interface. The NSF file get easily corrupted because of these reasons 

  • File is not valid
  • File is corrupted
  • Error reading file
  • File is not a database
  • Corrupted file appears error
  • Database is not authorized
  • File truncated – file may have damaged error.
  • Try opening the file using other file extensions
  • An error occurred while opening file
  • Database corrupt- cannot allocate space

So user wants to export nsf to pst file because of intensive users of Outlook. In such caseArticle Submission, best NSF to PST Converter will be useful. Download Now it for free NSF to PST Converter Software.


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