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Friday, April 16, 2021
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SplitEmail – Delivering more time, less email, better communications.

Email is fantastic, but now you can have more. Read on and see how managing and tracking your email communication can become much simpler. This product presents ideal solutions for both the busy social net-worker and the email-weary executive.

Email is the one of the most common forms of communication in use today. In fact it is so convenient we forgive its many irritations. Imagine a world where you never again need waste time copy/pasting sections of email text or in order to retain context.

Enhancing your email experience.

SplitEmail is new software is designed to solve a few problems you probably didn’t realize you had, but in doing that, it opens the way to a previously unrecognized method of communication and saves you enormous amounts of time and effort.

Email is a relatively low cost communication, but we all expend huge amounts of time and effort writing, reading and storing away the thousands of messages we bounce around the network systems. Now there’s a better way to keep a track on all your different conversation threads.

Suppose you need to send an email to a number of recipients. The general message needs to go to everyone, but certain individuals require relevant or confidential detail that you don’t wish to be generally available.

This is such a common occurrence that you hardly pause to think about it. You send out the general message and then perpetuate inefficient practice by spending extra time creating a separate email with the sensitive content and send that too.

Some of your recipients, the most important ones, now have two emails to file and track. Email tracking is one of the biggest issues with communication in this electronic age. The search for improperly filed messages wastes thousands of hours every year. Just think about how often you’re asked to re-send or forward mail to replace messages deleted or filed so deep they can’t be found.

The future of email.

How much more simple would it be if email traffic could be controlled by sending a single message and masking or stripping out confidential sections and annotations on a recipient specific basis?

The day of simplicity has arrived.

With SplitEmail, recipients see the sections that you decide they should have, email traffic is reduced, you spend much less time writing and editing mail and there are fewer messages for others to lose. If you do need to re-send, there is never any danger of mistakenly sending mail with inappropriate content to the wrong person. You send the whole thing and the software makes certain that the recipient receives the level of content you originally designated.

The method.

How does it work?

  • SplitEmail strips irrelevant or confidential sections of the message from the copy sent to designated recipients.
  • The software closes up the remaining content of the email to remove white space.
  • The circulation list on each mail sent is also adjusted on a recipient basis. The email addresses of general recipients are removed from copies that carry confidential content. This prevents accidental forwarding of confidential content by use of a ‘reply to all’ response.

Free reader software is also available for download that will scan mail before sending, replying or forwarding and offer the user a dialogue to select removal or retention of confidential content.

Driving SplitEmail from the hot seat.

Every day we write and send email. Each time we need to pause and consider what we’re saying and who to. How often is it necessary to go back over an email thread and copy/paste content into a new message to ensure that context is maintained?

Imagine a manager conducting email discussions with a vendor.  The exchanges are about pricing, discounts and delivery. The manager wants to keep a colleague in the loop. In most circumstances the manager would first tell his colleague what the discussion is about, then blind copy (Bcc) him in to every mail. That’s fair enough, but if there is need for a comment to be sent to the colleague or question to be asked, it needs a separate email or phone call.

With SplitEmail the comments can be written into the original mail and screened from the vendor. It’s that simple.

The colleague’s attention can be immediately focussed on a particular aspect of the exchange without the need for phone calls or switching between separate emails. The vendor never sees the comments.

The list of uses for SplitEmail is almost limitless.

  • You can send a single email to all your friends, adding specific comment, notes, even whole private sections to just certain close confidants. And you can do this in the certainty that you won’t say the wrong thing to the wrong person. You can even create groups within your contacts and designate which group gets which portions of the mail.
  • An exchange between a manager and an employee can be copied to HR complete with necessary confidential comment the employee should not see.
  • A senior manager can circulate general team building encouragement by email and include confidential words and acknowledgements to individuals.
  • A project manager can reduce the complexity of task communication across the entire implementation team. His overview of the project is much simplified having all the history in a single folder and the team members receive only task detail relevant to them.

These are four scenarios that occur with just a few moments thought. The possibilities are endless.


SplitEmail comes in the form of a software add-in tool and will work with many web mail products such as Gmail, Yahoo and AOL, plus client (locally installed) email products, such as Outlook. Working across so many common email systems and providing huge productivity gains, SplitEmail is the email of the future.

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Chris A Watkins is a director of ffox Software Ltd and specialises in the crafting of marketing copy. A talented creative writer who has the ability to combine good English with a choice of ‘voice’ and delivery to produce web pages and articles with clear and penetrative content.

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