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Saturday, January 23, 2021
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Blues Guitar Lessons Online

Blues guitar lessons are no longer given by amateur guitarists making a little extra money teaching the guitar. These days if you learn to play blues guitar you will also learn how to hold your guitar during long hours of practice, how to read guitar tab and much more.

Learning to play blues guitar should not be boring or mind-numbing, but like all courses of music study, blues guitar lessons contain new ideas, the language of music and a whole new repertoire of physical movements to come to terms with.

In the early twentieth century blues guitar lessons were taken from a friend or relative, maybe using a borrowed guitar, or maybe using a single string on a broomstick. These lessons had no theory and paid no attention to how you sit or stand while you play the guitar, or whether prolonged guitar practice was going to damage your back or your hands.

These days you can get blues guitar lessons online which benefit from the musical knowledge and experience musicians have accumulated over nearly a hundred years. If you want to learn blues guitar you don't need to be steeped in the traditions and folklore of the people of your region. You just need to download lyrics and tabs for blues songs and learn to play them on an acoustic or electric guitar.

Blues guitar lessons online will not only teach you how to play the blues but also how to read guitar tabs and chord charts, how to adjust your tone control and pickups to get you sounding like a real blues guitar player, and basic stuff like how to keep your guitar in tune.

If you enjoy listening to blues music, but do not know much about the guitar, a typical course of online guitar lessons would make sure you knew the basics of handling and maintaining your instrument before teaching you songs in your favorite genre. Before you start learning to play blues songs and guitar solos, you would be taught some strumming patterns, how to hold the pick, and perhaps a finger picking pattern or two.

Unlike the early blues songs which would have utilized open chords, modern blues numbers make use of barre chords, power chords and exotic scales and modes. Also the sophisticated playing techniques developed over the past fifty years, like string bending, trills and slides have a big role in blues music.

Today's musical environment also produces guitar players who have devoted themselves specifically to becoming music educators, so if you take blues guitar lessons online you won't be getting a guy who spent a few years in a garage band and then branched out into teachingPsychology Articles, you will be learning from a guitarist who is also a composer and seasoned professional musician who has learnt how to pass musical know-how onto students.

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