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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Crazy Machines: The Wacky Contraptions - A game Review

Crazy Machines: The Wacky Contraptions is an excellent game that will have puzzle solves racking their brains for answers.

Crazy Machines: The Wacky Contraptions is a great mind boggling game for the PC. It provides lots of mental stimulation to have your brain on fire with its quest to solve problems. There are lots of perks and just a few flaws that make this game ideal for everyone who enjoys completing puzzles.

When you were a kid, you probably loved doing puzzles. Remember the ones with little cardboard pieces that fit together eventually forming a picture? Well sometimes as we get older, that type of entertainment is just not enough. Luckily there are computer games such as Crazy Machines to help bridge the gap. The game contains over 200 puzzles to solve and an open sandbox mode to provide even more creative play.

The game begins with fairly simple puzzles and after about twelve puzzles the game starts to throw in some really challenging pieces to solve. So don`t be discouraged if you find the game fairly simple to begin with. It has been noted though that some people found some of the games toward the end to be very easy, almost like they were thrown into the mix to help create the 200 game numbers on the box. However, it wasn`t too badly reflected on the overall game.

The actual set up of the game is neat and simple. The puzzle you are to solve is right in the middle of the screen and the items are located in a special box. To put the items together you simply click and drag. If you forget what an item is used for you just sway over top of the icon and a message will appear telling you what it does.

There are many choices to use when you`re building and solving puzzles. There are; power sources, wires, balloons, gears, conveyer belts, boxes, catapults, pipes, widgets, steam pistons, working blimps, cannons, dynamite and robots to help. There are even pieces that help to make other pieces work well and help simplify the project. Each piece contains its own properties so you really have to experiment a little to figure out what does what. And it is nice to see that the game allows for natural consequences such as a balloon popping when it blows to close to a hot element. The real properties of the game help you feel like a real inventor working vigorously in a real science lab.

There are three music selections to choose from. The music is soft and mellow and does not distract from game play and brain thinking abilities, however if you need something else or a bit more lively music, you can just download it from your PC to listen to.

This game is comparable to other puzzle solving games, but it does over more puzzles and more challenging ones. This game will not disappoint any level of puzzlers as it will entertain and stimulate even the cleverest of brains! The game is also an excellent price and can be purchased anywhere PC games are sold.

The graphics on this game were noted as being pretty basic as compared to other PC games. HoweverFree Web Content, it wasn`t a huge deal for puzzle solves as they concentrated on the puzzle on hand and how well and fast they could solve it. Sure better graphics would have been nicer on the eyes but might have created a bigger price tag.

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