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Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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How to Play the Piano - Basic Piano Learning Techniques for Beginners

Are you interested in learning how to play the piano? If so, this article will teach you the basics on piano playing so that you can get started playing your favorite piano songs right away.

Learning to play piano is something that was done in almost every household at one point. In days gone by it showed the gracefulness of a lady and it showed that a gentleman was proficient and profoundly skilled.† Nowadays, many don't hold it with the same regard but to me, playing the piano is still the same.† Those that know how to play the piano well show me that they have something special and that they have patience as not all can pick it up that quickly.† Hopefully if you wish to learn how to play piano these simple tips can speed the process along.†

First off, try pressing on the piano keys lightly and gently. The anxiety of trying to hit the correct notes all the time may cause stiffness in your fingers which will only make the task a lot more difficult. Try to relax. It is much easier to press the correct notes with a relaxed hand than a rigid one.†† Besides, nobody likes the sounds someone makes by clomping their fingers along.

When you first learn to play,† try playing a jingle that you are quite familiar with so that it will be easier going along with. Do not jump into anything too complicated at first, especially songs that require the use of both hands to play. This will only lead to frustration and it is the reason why many beginners quit so soon into their training.† Also, there is just no sense trying to learn on stuff that you've never heard before because how will you know it sounds wrong if you don't know the original tune?†

If you are like me and like playing by ear, that is great!† Not everyone can do that but it really helps me start off with a song.† Yes, there are the notes in front of me but if I know the basic tune I can sometimes pick it up by ear a lot easier.† My fingers just seem to anticipate where the next note is going to be, even if my eyes haven't quite caught up. You don't have to become an expert at playing by ear, but if you practice until you can do it a little bit, it will greatly improve your sight reading capabilities!

When you learn how to play the piano you will, at some point in time or another, have to start keeping rhythm.† The trick to doing this well is to choose a small piece of a song, and practicing it over and over again until it is in perfect rhythm, then adding another piece of the song to that. You do this a little bit at a time first, making sure each section is in rhythm.† Before long, you will be able to get more and more notes included in the chords, or you will learn which notes are optional. In most cases nobody but you will realize that there is a note missing.

Learning how to play the piano is a way to open yourself up to all genres of music.† Many who have gone on to do great things with their music generally started with one of two instruments, the piano and the guitar.† In my experienceArticle Submission, the piano is easier to learn than the guitar so why not give it a shot?

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Ron Grand has over 35 years of piano playing experience. He currently plays piano at a Jazz bar and gives private piano lessons during the day. Visit his website,, to get some free piano lessons online.

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