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Thursday, November 14, 2019
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More than a Social Media App

Presenting the LYK app. LYK is a fresh, new mobile application. This private social network is already shared and loved by millions of teenagers in India. Teens in India flocked to this platform because it provides the ability to choose your own audience and comment on your close connections invisibly.

Sometimes, it feels like your friends are the only ones that truly understand you. While our
families are our world and we love them, we don’t always want to share every detail of our lives
with them. For one, they aren’t on our favorite social media apps such as Snapchat and
Whatsapp. Second, it can be hard to tell them about a secret crush you have on a guy in your
biology class. You don’t want to share the way he made a funny joke to you, and you laughed
so hard! Or, there are times that we want to express ourselves and show the world our
creativity on social media. Like, when you take a really awesome selfie or when your latest
snapchat story is epic. But, do you ever get the creeps wondering who else is viewing your
social media posts and videos? There are other instances, such as when you and your friends
have a really deep discussion over caramel frappuccinos at Starbucks. You want to continue the
conversation and freely share your thoughts on politics or the latest news story, but don’t want
to open yourself up to harsh criticism.

Wouldn’t it be fun if there was a place where you could do all of the above? A social media
application that gave you the ability to choose who you share your videos, posts, ideas and
opinions with. A place where you can show off the latest dish you and your mom made in honor
of the Diwali Festival. And, a place where you can tailor your posts to just be in your friend
network, family network or your entire network. Well, now there is a place like that.

Hooked yet?

Presenting the LYK app. LYK is a fresh, new mobile application. This private social network is
already shared and loved by millions of teenagers in India. Teens in India flocked to this
platform because it provides the ability to choose your own audience and comment on your
close connections invisibly. For example, if you wanted to discuss that funny moment with your
crush, then you can choose to share it with just the profiles of your two best friends in the LYK
app. This turns the discussion into a group chat. Openly discuss every swoon-worthy detail with
your best friends, and feel relieved that the rest of your high school class won’t see these

Music has a way of speaking to us, doesn’t it? Have you ever been in a situation where the
latest Ariana Grande music video was released and you just had to discuss it with your friends,
right that second? But, text alone can be too restrictive. You need a virtual chat room that is
interactive and more expansive. Why not upload the video to LYK? Then, invite your two best
friends to gossip about the video’s fashion and celebrity appearances. You can even record
your reactions through platforms such as Youtube, and then upload to LYK. Afterwards, make
plans by sending out a group invitation to your friends and head to Forever 21 for a little retail

LYK can also help you muster up the courage to talk to your crush. If he also uses the LYK app
to post his opinions in his own voice, you can comment on his public posts privately. You’re able
to connect with him even if you aren’t ready to share your feelings with him just yet.

These privacy filters help you create and set your social media boundaries. They also make
LYK more flexible than Whatsapp, and even Instagram! You’re now finally able to adjust the
limits of how much you want to be seen and heard. You’re able to surround yourself with people
who share common likes and passions, creating an environment that fosters creativity and
imagination. This new mobile app provides you a place where you can share your true feelings
without the worry.

Let’s say a girl in your math class thinks Harry Styles is a major heartthrob. What a coincidence, so do you! And, as luck would have it, he’s touring in your area soon! You want to ask her if she’s going to the concert. She seems nice, but maybe a little lonely. It would be too awkward to ask in person, so why not send her a message on your new favorite mobile app? This way you might make a new friend in your own way and on your own terms.

One problem with social media today is the abundance of negative commentary. LYK removes
this issue by giving you the power to keep your connections private and to share your opinions
invisibly or with a specific audience. With LYK’s choose-your-audience feature, you can discuss
a private matter with your mom without any of your other contacts seeing. This gives you the
freedom to let your voice be heard, and can help foster a closer bond with your loved ones.

Picture this: You and your mom are making Chicken Tikka Masala to bring to the community
festival tomorrow. Your aunt, who lives in Mumbai, wants to see how the final product turned
out. Without hesitation, you whip out your phone and tap the LYK icon with your finger. You,
then proceed to upload the video of you and your mom with the dish, and easily adjust the
privacy settings so only the three of you can view it. Within seconds, your aunt is able to view
your post as tears well up in her eyes witnessing the chef you have become!

In conclusion, LYK is a social network with privacy. This is contrary to Facebook, which can
sometimes feel like your life is exposed for all to see and judge. There are times that you don’t
want recommended connections from certain people. These reasons make LYK a standout
choice to use. It is certainly one of the latest, fresh takes on technology and social networking. If you’re ready to discuss with your friendsScience Articles, then download LYK and tell us what you think!

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Nittisha Mahapatra is a Content writer with a work experience of over 3 years as a technologist and 3 years of experience as a rigorous writer. She has been blogging and writing about social media and the latest trends in India for more ethan 5 years which helped her to articulate her knowledge into this article.

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