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Sunday, May 26, 2019
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Music Themes I Love

Without a doubt, if I spent the time going through all of the theme music I have ever heard in my life, this article would wind up with approximately 50,000 words---in other words, it would be a book....

Without a doubt, if I spent the time going through all of the theme music I have ever heard in my life, this article would wind up with approximately 50,000 words---in other words, it would be a book.
And I must admit that I truly envy those talented folks who know how to play a musical instrument.  I have tried several times through the years, and even though I'm a good dancer, I cannot seem to be successful at playing anything close to a musical instrument.

There are actually reasons as to why certain themes appeal to me--- they are very pleasurable to my ears, which in turn causes me to mostly relax and relieve a lot of stress.  Plus, they inspire different emotions of adventure within me, which means I get to dream about being the main character in the movie, or it just makes me feel so good sometimes that I almost don't know what to do with myself.

The “Star Spangled Banner” is, to me, a theme of this great country we live in...and even though there is still a lot wrong with it, it is still the best country that has ever existed on this planet.  Millions of people through the years have dreamed of moving here because it is a free country, thanks to our military.  Here, in America, if a person is willing to pay the price, he/she can do almost anything they wish, go almost anywhere they wish to go, and be almost any type of person they wish to be.

The lead-in to “Secret Agent Man” is also a theme to me for two reasons:  One is that the lead character in it, Patrick McGoohan, is by far my favorite actor.  The second reason being that everytime I hear it, I pretend to be the lead character, and then enjoy all kinds  of diversions.

The theme to  “The Sound Of Music”  is another wonderful one for me...and I am not really sure as to why.  Maybe it was the excellent acting, the beautiful singing, and the fantastic scenery.  It was a serious movie of course, because it was of a family trying to escape oppression...and how that oppression divided neighbors, friends, and lovers.  Perhaps, it was because it was about real life!

Next is the theme to “Gods And Generals.”  It was an outstanding movie, and even though it was mostly about “Stonewall Jackson”, a Southern General in the American Civil War, it was also a movie, again to me, about Americans...those in the North, and those in the South.  Each side truly believed in it's cause, and because they could not reach an agreement, a nation went to war with itself.  It reminds me that if I truly believe in something enough, then it is worth almost every attempt to accomplish.

The reason the theme to “The Godfather” is important to me is twofold:  One is that the music itself is just absolutely great.  The second, and main reason, is that it reminds me of one of the bedrocks that this nation was founded on---the family!  The family should always come first, and always before anything else.  Without the family, a nation will sooner or later fall. 

“Star Trek” is next in my book, for it constantly reminds me not only of the wonderful adventures of exploring the unknown,  but also helps seal my believe in mankind as a whole.  It increases my faith that sooner or later, mankind will put all of the negatives behind us, and stretch to reach out and not only discover new worlds, but also discover new methods of becoming human.

The theme to “Patton” is next.  This one is one of my favorites for it helps retain my belief in Americans, that sooner or later, we will stop worrying about what the rest of the world thinks of us, and do what is necessary for us to survive...for a nation is a family, and in order for it to survive, it must think of as a family.  All of our politicians should have a hugh sign on all the government walls with one question on that sign...and that question should not only be a motto, but a law---”What Is Right For Every Citizen In This Country?”

The final theme that I will mention here is not really a theme, but an introduction to a man that, as far as I am concerned, is the greatest singer that ever lived. And the main reason for it is that every time he sang, he obviously put everything he had into it.  I am such an avid fan of his that my son and daughter-in-law once gave me a tape of some of his songs...and they wrote on that tape>>>”Station WADE---all ElvisArticle Search, All The Time.”  Wade is my last name!

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