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Sunday, May 19, 2019
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Refreshing Times

Try to recollect when we were very little and the whole world was new to us. The trees were enormous, the leaves were soft and colorful, our first warm summer rain that made us feel all clean inside and out.

The time we were out side with our coat on, and suddenly there were millions of tiny things that melted in our hands, and our world turned white. and of course, there were all those wee creatures crawling on the ground that only we could see. our world was wondrous, and every day was an amazing safari. And then, night fell, and out of no-where, we beheld another new world to explore. those tantalizing and amazing natures are still all around us --- we just no longer see them, because we are now so-called ďadults.Ē

Cheer up, for listed below are some really great ideas that are not only refreshingly different, but will surely ease you both into the mood to kindle(or re-kindle) the love and affection you have for your loved one.

On a warm, summer evening, especially if the moon is not out and there are no clouds,† take a drive into the countryside, find yourselves a nice safe spot.† Lay a blanket on the grass, lay down along side of each other,† marvel at all of the bright, twinkling stars,† and make small talk...such as:† do you believe in life on other planets?† If so, do you think they would appear similar to us humans?† I wonder what it would be like to experience riding a light beam!†† Maybe take along a pair of binoculars, and see if you can locate any satellites passing over. You get the idea!

If it is that time of year when old man winter is on the prowl, take along a tent, a heater, some warm clothes, and a perhaps a large sleeping bag.

If warm out, take a drive out to the country where there are plenty of open fields, and let the fireflies light up your life...and perhaps leave in enough time to get there about two hours before sunset, and you may have the pleasure of watching some wildlife at play.

Old fashioned it may be, but one of my many favorites is in the fall of the year when millions of leaves yield to gravity and float to the grass below. Rake those magnificent things up into a pile, and plop your happy selfs right into the middle of them, and do not get up for at least a half hour.† I still do it once in a great while(I'm 65 years young), because it inspires me to become more aware of life itself.

How about awing at an approaching storm with all itís menacing clouds?† And listen to the thunder...if its a big storm, the thunder may sound like a battle zone, and believe it or not, if you listen carefully, it sometimes seems to be playing music.

Stop by a small or large river and linger awhile as you listen to it soothe your nerves...or do what many folks do in such peaceful locations, think, meditate, or just chat about your futures.

If itís summer, fall, or spring, and you know there will be a light rain, take a tent into the woods around 10:00pm, and just go to sleep. The patter of the rain on the tent will make you slumber like a baby.

When is the last time you stood or walked in a warm summer rain???

If there are mountains or large hills not too far away, drive to the top---take a blanket, a book, plus some soothing music, and something cool to drink.

Go somewhere you can rent a canoe or boat of some type, scoot along to about the middle of a lake, and take a nap, read a good book together, plan your future, or anything else you wish.

When is the last time you went to a drive-in movie???† There are still quite a few around the country.

How about a midnight swim?

The next time it rains in the summer, maybe sleep on the front or back porch, or in the car?† The pitter-patter of rain on the roof should have you both asleep in no time.

Rent a car, maybe a convertible, from the 1950s, and take a wonderful drive in the country.

Take a weekend trip somewhere, at least 200 miles away, and stay in a cabin in the countryside, or the mountains.

Those are only a few of hundreds of ways we can increase our happiness with our loved ones...and I might add that if you really wish to put each other in a great mood, whatever you decide to doFind Article, please don't forget to take along some romantic mood music---you just can't beat it!

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