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Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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Satellite TV Software - PC Video Watchers And Software Users Closing The Bridge On Web To PC Gap!

Statistics show that traditional TV is still the number one choice for TV-set video as the youth movement continues to rise toward Internet video accessed by computers. This would have to include Satellite TV software as it provides swift access to 1000s of free Internet TV/Radio/VOD media Worldwide.

According to Ipsos MediaCT, a leader in Research, Opinion and Insights, television still tops but PC video watching is growing. So what does this have to do with Satellite TV software packages? This too is part a PC video watching trend that keeps growing across the globe each year. A recent study showed the PC is gaining ground on television. Among U.S. video downloaders and streamers, there was a 5% drop-off in the amount of TV-set video consumed. During February 2008, it dropped to 70% compared to 75% in 2007.

While Oldteevee still remained as the top video watch-dog for most people, it dropped as watching-video-on-PC increased. In fact, the latter showed a 19% increase in 2008 compared to 11% in 2007. Once might assess this data giving some insight to what may lie ahead for cheap or free PC video with a poor economy and high cost of living.

More information showed Americans ages 12 and over streamed and downloaded video one out of every five hours. In fact, there was a rise in PC video watching among all age groups (12-17, 18-24, 25-34, 35-54, and 55+). With television as the first choice for video media and PC second, statistics clearly showed more video was accessed by computers among the first three age groups at 24%, 27%, and 21% when compared to the last two age groups. Not so surprisingly, television continues to be significantly higher.

These figures clearly show an increase in the youth movement towards online movies, TV media, music videos, video games, YouTube, etc. Subsequently, video watching for the most part is home-based right now. But teens were found to have the highest use of video portability with the likes of laptop and hand-held computers, as well as cell phones with an Internet connection. In addition, cell phones used for video did not show a significant increase at 1%.

When looking at social networks such as MySpace that include video and now has gone mobile, as well as top search engines like Google and Yahoo, the video trend continues to head in an upward video swing--whether it is for a profit or fun. Internet video media has become easier to access as well as create giving kids and adults creative things to do, whether good or bad.

When weighing in a slow economy, high costs, video youth movement, mobility, and portability compared to traditional television, including Satellite/Cable TV, Satellite TV software for the low price somehow makes up for whatever is lacking at home. Although free Internet media accessed through software automates playing premium, HDTV, and on-demand channels, it doesn't provide Satellite/Cable television programming. Instead, it may provide the next best thing. With an easy to use well organized interface and no tech know-how needed, this type of gateway to Internet media makes it more appealing to newbies. And perhaps becoming the bridge that closes a web to PC video gap.

When summarizing this information it gives a general idea what is ahead in the coming months. More and more large television networks are streaming free popular TV episodes, sports, movies, Worldwide news, and other media to the Internet and with that comes more advertising. Whether or not Internet ads and commercials will decrease the enjoyment of live/recorded Internet media is somewhat unknown. But in all likelihood, it will.

As more computers with broadband connections continues to grow among households so will Internet TV media players installed in them. For obvious reasons, their popularity have grown largely with the likes of Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, Satellite TV Player, P2P PlayerArticle Submission, and others. This will indeed add to a remarkable Internet video industry that continues to grow at an alarming rate.

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