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Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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The Best StarCraft 2 Terran Rush Strategies

The Terran race has a number of different units which are all ideal for rushing compared to the Protoss and Zerg race which only have one or one and a few variations on it. The first ...

The Terran race has a number of different units which are all ideal for rushing compared to the Protoss and Zerg race which only have one or one and a few variations on it.

The first of these StarCraft 2 Terran rush strategies involves Reapers. With Reapers, it's important to rush your enemy quickly and decisively before they have a chance to defend themselves. Scout their location with an SCV very early on. If you are on a map with only 2 spawn locations then this is unnecessary and you can just run in with your Repeat once it's done. Build your Barracks and Supply Depot next to your ramp to wall off your base as if the rush fails you'll want to have that defense against any counters.

The build order is 9 - Barracks. Build a tech lab on the Barracks when its done. 9 - Refinery. Save 75 minerals after starting the Barracks to build a Refinery. Put 3 SCVs mining gas once the refinery is done. 10 - Supply Depot. Make sure it's done before the Tech Lab finishes so that you can immediately begin your first Reaper.

Set the rally point of the Barracks to your opponent's base so they will immediately head there. Hot key your first Reaper to quickly access him and do the same for the Barracks to continuously produce units. Typically I'll wait til I have 3 - 4 Reapers before heading in so they won't be able to counter. You can "Kite" with your Reapers given their speed, meaning you can shoot an enemy unit like a Zealot then run away, then return to do it again as the Zealot isn't fast enough to catch your Repear. You can make short work of their work force with multiple Reapers, as well. Like with any rush, the faster you build the more effective you'll be and less prepared your opponent will be.

The next of these StarCraft 2 Terran rush strategies to mention is the Nuke rush which is more suited for mineral/resource attacks rather than against armed units. They're not as powerful as the first game so you can't demolish entire bases anymore but it's great for inflicting economic damage. Therefore it's important to go with a standard build of Marauders into Thors and Thanks or an air based build so that after you inflicted the economic damage they'll be scrambling to fix that, then you move in with your forces. Build 2 Ghost Academies to have a constant stream of nukes and train the Ghost Cloaking skill while avoiding units which can see cloaked units so that you can invade your enemy's base undetected and sneak to their mineral banks in the back.

The last of these StarCraft 2 Terran rush strategies is for getting a banshee as quickly as possible and if done correctly (after practiced) you can have one out in less than 6 minutes which is a major advantage as it's likely your opponent will be unable to defend against it and you should first prioritize taking out their mineral line.

The build order is as follows: 9 - Refinery, 10 - Barracks, 11 - Factory with Tech Lab, 11 - Orbital Command, 11- Starport, 11- Supply Depot.

Make sure you've got 3 SCVs on gas as you'll need 100 gas for the Factory once the Barracks are done. Build a Starport as soon as the Factory is set and build the tech lab while that's being built. Extra minerals should be used for the Orbital Command. Once the Starport has begun you should also build a Supply Depot. Lift up your Factory and Starport and swap the two so the Starport can use the Tech Lab, saving you time rather than building another Lab. Once the first Banshee is completely set the rally point at your opponent's mineral line. You can easily harass their minerals early on this way before your opponent will likely have any anti-air to throw at you. To counter this you simply have to scout as again this does take 6 minutes so that you can plan for anti-air accordingly. Scouting is essential for reacting to whatever tactics your opponent goes withScience Articles, so use it as often as possible.

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Now that you have the basic StarCraft 2 Terran rush strategies, let's look more advanced techniques.

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