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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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The Up-To-Date Weapon for Star Wars Ⅶ

Star Wars is one of the most popular, influence and remarkable movies in last two decades. Skywalker, Yoda, R2-D2, C-3PO, all of them are well known by most of us. As a fanatic of Star Wars, I have al...

Star Wars is one of the most popular, influence and remarkable movies in last two decades. Skywalker, Yoda, R2-D2, C-3PO, all of them are well known by most of us. As a fanatic of Star Wars, I have almost the whole series collection about it, such as the mini-toy of Yoda and R2-D2, the whole series DVD from`to e, and the helmet of the Sith’s. Among them, the lightsaber is my favorite and the most precious collection.

As we know, lightsaber is the particular weapon for Skywalker. If there is a prize for the most powerful and the most innovative weapon in Oscar Awards, this light sword has no doubt to break into the top 3 nomination. Or else, how can my friends are all envious of mine, even my 12 years’ old nephew, Thomas.

Speaking of Thomas, I have to say he is a special boy, always with curious and innovative ideas in his mind. It begins from the lightsaber. Thomas is also a huge fan for Star Wars. Unlike me, he prefers the advanced scientific technology, the vehicle, especially the weapon. As I mentioned before, I have a lightsaber in my private collection. It once generated a good deal of envy from my friends, including Thomas.

Thomas was planning to steal my lightsaber to be his private collection but failed. After that, he found another powerful sword which, according to him, is more advanced than mine and the Skywalker’s. Since then, he has no interesting in stealing my light sword, but dreams to create a new weapon for Skywalker, and make it to be the more murderous weapon in Star Wars f.

The newest weapon Thomas found is a kind of flashlight from appearance. It has an on/off switch, supplied with two AA batteries as its power. You can hold it with one hand, completely. But, after a care look of this flashlight, you can find out it is not a normal flashlight. We all know the light of the normal flashlight is either yellow or white, and scattered. Thomas’s flashlight is smaller than the normal one from the size, but its light can reach much further than them, because the light is centralized. Besides, the color of the light is red, green or blue.

I did research on the internet one day, and finally knew that this kind of flashlight is laser pointer. Usually people use it as a tool to get attention from audience during public presentation. And different colors of the light produce different wavelengths. Blue light has the shortest wavelength of 473nm, then green at 532nm and yellow at 635nm. Red produces the weakest light but has the longest wavelength of 650nm. I guess that is why people prefer red laser pointer in presentation for it can reach the furthest distance.

Being inspired by Thomas, I start to think maybe it is a great idea to make the laser pointer become the newest weapon in Star Wars f. Like the lightsaber, laser pointer also looks like a light sword in some aspects. Imagining the Skywalker holding a laser pointer as weapon to fight against Sith, the blade is invisible but the power is much powerful than the lightsaber. Isn’t it much more cool and exiting? If I am the director of Star Wars fFind Article, I’d love to improve the sword to a laser sword.

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