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Sunday, May 26, 2019
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Online Poker Etiquette

Hello all, today we're going to talk about Online Poker Room Etiquette, and Good Strategies. The do's and don't of the online industry. Some of these unwritten (now written) rules can and shoul...

Hello all, today we're going to talk about Online Poker Room Etiquette, and Good Strategies. The do's and don't of the online industry. Some of these unwritten (now written) rules can and should be used while playing actual, "real life," poker as well. Let's get started.

Don't talk about your cards while the hand is still going on

  • Whether you've folded or you're still in the hand, don't do it. Most of the time when this rule is broken it is when someone has folded before the flop and would have made a great hand once the flop has come out. This is HIGHLY frowned upon online. In most real life scenarios, this will get you kicked off of that table and possibly even kicked out of the establishment. This is obviously because players who are still in the hand can benefit by knowing what you have or have folded.
  • Don't take forever to make a call
  • It's ok to take your time on a BIG hand where a lot of money is involved but there are limits. Taking too long not only drags the game out for everyone else but it also will cause others to lose respect for you as a card player. Loss of respect can be good when you want people to call you after you've made a big bet but you want that respect for when you do NOT have the best hand (bluffing.) When people respect you at a card table, they're highly more likely to fold to you when you make a big bet.
  • Pay Attention
  • This ties back in to needing respect at the Poker Table. If it is your turn and you're unaware because you're off in "La La Land," people notice this and will not want to play with you more and more. This also means you're probably bored with the game and shouldn't be playing in the first place. I've seen this too many times, someone loses focus, stops paying attention and the next thing you know, they're down to less than what they bought in for.
  • Do not hold grudges
  • If Bob gets lucky and hits a flush on the river after you've already made the nut straight, just let it go. Holding grudges at the poker table only leads to going on "Tilt." For those who don't know, going on Tilt means you've become so flustered and aggravated with the way your past few hands have gone that you start to make careless mistakes and it most always ends in losing most, if not all, of your remaining money.
  • Know your limitations when it comes to waiting on straights and flushes
  • Everyone knows that great feeling of flopping or turning the straight or flush. The feeling of Victory that gets your blood pumping, heart racing and chips coming. However, don't let your mind get the best of you when someone bets half the pot on the flop and you just need 1 card for that Nut Flush. It's ok if the prices that you're paying to see these turns and rivers are reasonable but don't be afraid to back down. Too many good players fall for this temptation and when the cards come out blank, all they have to look at is a chip count that used to be a lot bigger.

If you use these strategies and proper etiquette in the poker rooms that you play at, you will prosper for the vast majority of the time. Just remember that the one KEY FACTOR that ties into all of the above rules is Patience. Without it, you Will lose and lose often.

So now you know the main keys to a winning poker game. Now all you need is a place to play. We always shop around at This place is an excellent source for Sportsbook Reviews, Sportsbook Promo Codes and everything in between. Hoped this helped!

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