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Monday, March 1, 2021
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9 Things You Shouldn't Miss When Throwing Your Kid's First Birthday Party on a Budget

Planning to throw a party? Use this checklist and don't miss out on anything. After all, your child's first birthday deserves a memorable celebration.

Your child is turning a year older and you, being the happiest parent just can’t wait to throw your baby a birthday party. You rummage the internet for tips for new moms about birthday party ideas, themes, recommendations and found quite a handful. As you check each one, you can’t help but feel giddy and excited with the preparations. You can already envision the day when your baby gets to be groomed or dolled up in his cute little suit or pretty pink dress - making him or her look like a young, dashing prince or a lovely princess.

But wait, hold up! Before getting too carried away, an alarm bell rings and you realized throwing a birthday party can cost you a lot, in fact, way out of your budget. Would you drop your plans and excitement right then and there? Of course not! Throwing a bash to be remembered, without burning a hole in your pocket is possible with these clever cost-cutting ideas.

Here are some practical yet clever tips for new moms on how to throw a birthday party on a budget:

Timing - Timing is everything and is your friend as you plan your child’s birthday bash. A good time for the celebration is between 2 to 5 in the afternoon when guests are not expecting a full course meal. This means you don’t have to prepare a complete menu from appetizers to soups, to main dishes and desserts, rather, you can work your way with finger foods, sandwiches, and other varieties of snacks, or a few of your house specialties.

Plan early - Planning early gives you ample time to search and compare shops and prices which allow you to only purchase party essentials that go on sale. If you fail to plan early, chances are, you’d find yourself buying overpriced items just because you are running out of time. So go ahead, grab your mom planner and make that list!

Limit guests and go digital - Limiting your guests to family members and close friends is easy for younger kids, but can be challenging, for school age children as they may want to invite classmates, teammates, and camp friends, not to mention teachers and coaches. Nonetheless, you don’t have to invite everyone and those who won’t be able to get an invite will understand. As you sort your guest list, send your party invitations electronically. There are so many beautiful designs online which you can generate and customize as you pleased. You’ll save a lot if you go for paperless.

Consider double up - Here's another tip for new moms, if your child’s birthday falls on the same or close to a friend's birthday, why not go for a dual party? You can split the expenses with the other child’s parents. You can prepare the food while the other party ready the decorations and tokens. Just make sure to coordinate and plan well, and yes - each child should get his/her own cake!

Go unconventional - For example, have a cupcake decorating station instead of the traditional and expensive birthday cake. Let’s face it, birthday cakes are lovely but they can cost so much as wedding cakes! You can opt for a twist like baking a variety of different flavored cupcakes - you can even make your own using instant cupcake mix. Then raid your pantry for sprinkles, gummy worms, choco bits, or anything that makes a cute and yummy cupcake topping.

Make themed favors or skip it at all - If you like to keep a souvenir and give your invites party favors, try personalized craft activity. You can purchase a plain loot bag and then have your visitors fill and decorate it with party goodies such as candies, chocolates, gums, temporary tattoos, and stickers. For the decors, you can use the pictures of your baby. Have it printed in black and white and hang them strategically inside the venue. They make a pretty decor whilst taking you down the memory lane - from birth to 1st birthday. Check your file folders or your baby scrapbook and print your choices. But again, you have the option to skip it completely. Keep in mind, the party itself is the favor and what matters most is you enjoy it with your loved ones and friends.

Make use of what you have on hand - You can always dress up such humble supplies after all! For example, to jazz up napkins, paper plates, and plastic cups, use a hole puncher to make tiny holes, make a pattern, attach ribbons, stickers, cut outs, even balloons to make what seem to be ordinary items extra pretty. Revamp your backyard using old holiday trinkets. Wrap an old oak tree with ribbons and hang fairy lights across the branches for a magical feel.

Order online - Search the internet for lower prices and better deals, you’ll sure to find one that fits your budget. Also, ordering online may help you avoid impulse buying as you take your time reading and checking out the items. This is also a great time to use your coupons, discount cards or gift certificates. Check the stores and online shops if they redeem such. Include this in your family planner list and be amazed at how much you can actually save.

Elevate the ordinary and everyday - No doubt, children have the most vivid and colorful imagination, take advantage of it by turning ordinary and everyday things into something extraordinary. For example, you can play a “Treasure hunt for gold” using spray-painted rocks. The kids will enjoy the activity and will gladly take home the golden rocks as party favors.

Some parents choose to skip their child's first birthday believing it's not practical. They think that their baby is still too young to understand and be aware of the occasion and would rather save a grand party for the next birthday. Meanwhile, other parents cannot miss the occasion. Perhaps it's something they have been waiting for ever since their precious little one was born.

Whether to celebrate or not will always be a personal decision. Nonetheless, if you choose to have a birthday bash for your child, expect that it will take your time, effort, and resources. Sometimes, it can even be stressful. ButScience Articles, you don't have to pull off the biggest and grandest party to make it memorable. Be clever yet simple. Enjoy the occasion and make your child the happiest on that day.

How did you plan your child's first birthday? We'd love to know how it went. Feel free to drop us a line in the comments section below!

st birthday? We'd love to know how it went. Feel free to drop us a line in the comments section below!

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