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Thursday, July 18, 2019
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Bunco Theme Party -- How to Play Bunco, Number of Players, Free Bunco Scorecard

Instead of playing cards, have you ever thought about hosting a Bunco Theme Party at your home? It is easy to learn for people of all ages. Whether you organize a neighborhood Bunco Group or just host a party on occasion, you and your guests will fall in love with this easy-to-play dice game.

One of the best things about Bunco is that you can easily host a Bunco Theme Party at your home without worrying about the skill level of your guests. A person can learn how to play in about 5 minutes flat.

How to Play

Bunco is a dice game played with 3 tables of four people each. At each table, set out:

3 dice

1 blank piece of paper for scorekeeping

1 Bunco scorecard for each player (buy pads or make your own)

A couple of pens

Before play begins, each player contributes $5.00.

Each Bunco game consists of 6 rounds and 3 games are usually played. In each Bunco round, all players are rolling for the same number so for example, during round one, all players are rolling 3 dice to see how many ones they can roll.

When the host rings a bell, Bunco play begins at all 3 tables. The person sitting across from you is your partner for the current round. Together you are team partners. Player one begins rolling and continues until they no longer roll ones (or whatever round you are player). Somebody keeps score at each table and records the number of dice rolled by each player.

Who Wins

Play goes around the table while the scorekeeper keeps track. Players are trying to achieve one of two things:

A Team Bunco -- When team partners are the first among all tables to reach 21 and yell "Bunco!"

A Natural Bunco -- When a single player rolls 3 dice that match the round currently being rolled. For example, if the group is currently rolling for ones, a player rolls 3 ones or if the group is currently rolling for fives, a player rolls 3 fives.

At the end of each round, the scorekeeper at each table announces the winning team. Your team wins the round if:

You were the first in the group to reach 21 and yelled "Bunco!" You did not quite make it to 21 but got the highest score at your table or One of you rolled a Natural Bunco

The winning teams move on to the next table while the losing team stays where they are. All players keep their scorecards with them throughout the night, recording a "Win" or a "Loss" after each round.

When 6 rounds are played, game one is finished and game two begins by rolling for ones again.

Dividing the Pot

At the end of 3 Bunco games, the host collects the Bunco scorecards and awards prizes. You can divide the pot in a number of ways but this is most common:

The person with the Most Natural Buncos gets 40%

The person with the Most Wins gets 40%

The person with the Most Losses gets 20% (this keeps people from giving up half way through)


12 People x $5.00 = $60.00

Most Naturals gets $24.00

Most Wins gets $24.00

Most Losses gets $12.00

Bunco is a great game to play at a party because it is so easy to learn and almost everybody has the tools of the game (paper, dice, bell). Also, because of how people are partnered and move from table to table, you can invite friends from different circles and be assured that by the end of the night, everybody will be fast friends.

Pick out a few appetizer and dessert recipes and invite your friends over for a Bunco theme partyFree Reprint Articles, one of the easiest parties to host.

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Sandee Lembke from Theme Party invites you to visit her site for more Bunco Theme Party ideas including invitations, decorations, recipes and a Free Bunco Scorecard that you can download.

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