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Thursday, October 17, 2019
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Buying or Selling, is the Mortgage Your Only Option?

Today, thanks to the ever-increasing use of the internet to seek out homes for sale, and the increased participation of homeowners in the buying and selling process, there is greater interaction between the buyer and seller. Not only is this good for public relations, it is also an excellent opportunity to explore other funding options, for the buyer and for the seller.

It is normal on the part of the buyer to assume their only option when purchasing a home is to obtain a mortgage, but the traditional lending process. This is not always the case, and today more than ever, buyers and sellers are coming together with creative and accommodating ways to affect the purchase, or sale, of the home depending upon your status as buyer or seller.

Quite often, individuals interested in purchasing a home lack the 20% down payment often required from the lender. Provided the seller has established equity of the home, there are other options for the buy and sale agreement. Seller financed mortgages are the most common alternative mortgage option exercised; seller financed mortgages however, are not the only option that can be considered. In this article, were going to take a look at some of the alternative mortgage options that are rarely exercised, but that do provide tremendous benefit to the buyer and seller.

As a seller, the conditions must exist that allow you to offer the buyer alternative options. Your mortgage balance must be considerably less than the fair market sale price or your hands are basically tied. Imagine a scenario: you're ready to sell your home, the buyer is ready to purchase your home, and they simply do not have a 20% down payment. What they do have is a 5% down payment, and the desire to work with the seller and the mortgage lender. You're asking price for the home is $80,000 and the appraised value of the home is $85,000; your existing mortgage is $50,000 and the lender requires the proposed buyer to provide a $16,000 down payment. How can a solution be reached? If you, as the seller are willing to take a second lien on the property, there is a workable solution. The fact that the home appraises for more than the asking price, automatically provides the buyers with a $5,000 level of equity, so they only need $11,000 more to reach a 20% down payment. They have $4000; in order to accommodate the buyers, you could accept $74,000 in upfront mortgage money from the lender, and take a second lien on the $6000 difference. This method works only if you’re willing to take the second lien, and the buyers are credible and reputable individuals.

Taking second liens or second mortgages are increasing in popularity as a means to sale increasing value real estate in today's rapidly expanding market. There are other spins offs from the basic formula described, however the scenario above is the most common and provides the buyer and seller with the basis for expanding with creative add- ons. Of course, the seller financed mortgage is still the meat and potatoes of the alternative financing industry.

How does the seller financed mortgage work? Generally, it works in this manner: if the seller owns the home outright he or she may choose to finance a mortgage for the buyer, and set up an amortized loan. Thanks to the readily available personal computer, loans can be constructed that would have only be available via an accountant or lending institution, 20 years ago.

Of course, how you decide as a buyer or seller to ultimately close a deal, will depend on many factors, this may be just one of the more important aspects. How well you know each other, credit ratings, and the dollar value of the mortgage will also affect your decision.

Regardless of the final decision, the opportunity exists to explore other avenue other than the traditional mortgage lending institutions, or mortgage companies. And, sometimes, you never knowFree Web Content, the deal from the seller financed mortgage may open more doors than just a mortgage for homeownership!

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