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Friday, March 5, 2021
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Do you need a stroller for big kid? Here are my tips on how to choose the best one!

Usually parents use baby strollers for about 3 years. By that time most kids can walk and run and don’t want to ride in a stroller anymore. Besides, most of the strollers are suitable only for kids up to 3 years old and have weight capacity of 30 or 40 lbs. But sometimes kids want to ride in a stroller longer than their peers and parents need strollers with highter weight limit.

As we all know, some kids grow faster than the others.  That’s why sometimes parents need a stroller for bigger toddler. Other reason why parents look for a stroller with higher weight capacity is that their 4 or 5-year-old kid still wants to ride sometimes, when he’s tired of walking. Sometimes children have also some medical conditions and having a stroller with high weight limit is very useful.

Here are the main reasons why parents might need a big kid stroller:

  • their child is bigger/taller than its peers
  • their kid can walk, but sometimes still wants to ride in a stroller
  • their child’s school or nursery school is too far from home to go on foot there
  • their older child is recovering from a recent surgery and they need temporary stroller
  • their kid has a medical condition

Choosing a stroller for older children or bigger toddlers is actually as much difficult as choosing the first stroller for a newborn. There are so many types of strollers with different weight and height limits. No wonder, trying to find the best one might be confusing!

There are five types of strollers for big kids:

  • Large umbrella strollers
  • Full-sized strollers
  • Jogging strollers
  • Double strollers
  • Double jogging strollers

In each category we can find few great models that have high weight limit and long seat – appropriate for older kids or bigger babies.

When parents are choosing a big kid stroller they should consider what weight limit they need. Is 55 lbs enough? Or maybe they will need capacity of 75 lbs? If 55 lbs is enough for you then you can choose an umbrella stroller, for example GB Pockit. It you need higher weight limit then you should check out some full-sized strollers, for example Baby Jogger City Mini GT or jogging strollers like BOB Revolution PRO or Thule Urban Glide.

The second important thing is the seat size – if we want to use a stroller for a child that is large for its age, the seat should be longer than the regular one. We don’t want our baby to hit the canopy with its head during strolling!

Okay, so when we decide what weight limit and size of the seat we will need, we have to consider the stroller's weight. If we take our child’s weight (for example 50 lbs) and add to that the stroller’s weight (let’s say 20 lbs) we will be pushing pretty big load!

Therefore probably most parents will be looking for the most lightweight stroller on the market. There are few umbrella strollers for big kids, that weigh less than 16 lbs!! However you should remember that this type of strollers usually doesn’t have as much features as full-sized strollers have. That’s why parents have to compromise stroller’s weight and its features.

However, in some categories you won’t find light stroller – double strollers and jogging strollers always weigh more (usually over 20 lbs). But it is understandable - if the stroller has to carry 75 lbs or 100 lbs it must have proper weight too.

To sum up, at this point we have chosen the weight limit, seat size and stroller’s weight. Now it’s time to decide what features we will need. Some strollers offer reclining seat which provide more comfortable ride for children. Some have adjustable handlebar and big wheels which make pushing the stroller more convenient and easier.

Some strollers come with great accessories, while others require buying accessories separately. When you will be deciding what features should stroller have, you should consider how often you will use it, what type of terrain you will be strolling over and what are you baby’s needs.

And last but not least – your budget. Although the price should not be the most important thing, you shouldn’t forget about it during choosing a stroller either! The price range of big kids strollers is very wide so parents can find something that will be suitable for their budget.

In summaryComputer Technology Articles, here is the list of important things that parents should have in mind when they are buying a stroller for older child or bigger toddler:

-Stroller maximum capacity

-Seat size

-Stroller weight

-Stroller features and accessories

-Family budget

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Zooey Barnett is mom of three and blogger on Little Baby Gear where she reviews the best baby strollers for newborns, toddlers and older kids. On her blog you can read reviews of strollers like Chicco Bravo Trio or UPPAbaby G-LUXE.

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