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Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Garage Storage Solutions Take Away Your Excuses

If garage storage solutions seem to be just out of reach, think again. Most people can solve their garage storage problems by just getting real about what the actual need is, then making the resolve to fill that need. You do not have to live with a cluttered, frustrating garage any longer!

Garage storage solutions have to start with a question that only you can answer: What is my storage problem in the garage? Once you have that question answered accurately you can then move on to a consideration of alternate solutions. If you seek a solution before you really know the problem or need, then you may end up spending money on a "solution" that really just becomes part of an ever growing problem. It wouldn't make any sense, for example, to purchase a kayak rack to hang on the wall of your garage, if you don't own a kayak. Or let's say you have a garden shed that houses a lot of your yard tools and paint supplies. It obviously wouldn't make any sense to purchase and install garage storage solutions for those items. You might purchase them for the shed, but not for the garage.

For years I was frustrated with how things just got tossed in my garage. I couldn't ever actually put the car in there because there was never any room. The kids had their bikes in there. All my tools were sort of randomly stored there. With all the miscellaneous boxes, holiday decorations, sports equipment, etc., there was never really any order to it. Seems like the garage was this ever-changing monster that just sort of ate away at my peace of mind. My wife and I used to joke around about how feng-shui our garage was. I hope you are picking up on a little sarcasm here, because that's exactly what it is. Feng shui? Are you kidding me. I think by joking about the garage we made ourselves feel a little less pain.

But the blessed day finally came when we snapped out of it, put our thinking caps on, and learned to itemize the real problems in the garage. We literally wrote down on a piece of paper all of the areas that needed fixing. The main garage storage solutions we found to work best for us were: first, bins, hooks and racks that attach to the wall for storing the kid's sport balls, bats, roller blades, bikes, jump rope, and winter toys. This alone helped a lot. All those little things that used to just float around wherever now have a specific place to be stored. Second, adequate shelving and cabinet space. We had a little bit of storage before, but nowhere near adequate. Once we installed more cabinets and shelves the garage really started to become a place free of stress. So much of the stuff we had could be put behind closed doors or neatly on shelves that the floor space was freed up enough to pull the car in. We had a big cake to celebrate that day!

I have a sneaking suspicion that most home owners in need of good garage storage solutions just need to crank up the thinking a notch, and learn to identify exactly what it is that they need. After this is done, there has to be a willingness to implement a solution to fit the actual need. Having a messy, cluttered, unorganized garage is not something you have to endure any longer. Your garage doesn't have to be your nemesis. There are so many great commercial garage storage solutions for the homeownerScience Articles, that now there is just no excuse for a garage that doesn't have at least some semblance of order.

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