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Saturday, October 24, 2020
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Induction Cooktop Information Guide

In case you don’t already know, induction cooktops are a new type of cooktop, much different to that of the gas and ceramic cooktops. Induction cooktops have many advantages over the older methods of cooking, including being much safer and more efficient. In this article I will aim to increase your knowledge on induction cooktops, so that the next time you are shopping for one, you will be more informed and hopefully make an educated decision when buying.

How do they work?

Induction cooktops which contain one or more coils, which when an alternating current is passed through, a magnetic field is produced. Then, when a magnetic based pan is put onto the hob, a current is produced in the pan and heat is created from the internal resistance. Heat is only produced in the pan and not in the cooktop, for example, it is possible to boil a pot of large water, even with a magazine or piece of paper placed between the pan and the stove. The paper or magazine will not burn, and will only be warm to touch.

The Advantages

As mentioned previously, there are many advantages of using an induction cooktop over other methods of cooking. SafetyInductions cooktops are much safer, for instance there is no worry about burning down the house if you leave the cooktop turned on, since the hob remains cool when the pot or pan is removed from the surface. There is also no added worry of a child or adult for that matter burning themselves, which is very much the case with a gas or ceramic cooktop.

EfficiencyInduction cooktops are said to be much more efficient than gas or ceramic, and according to the CEG Electric Glass Company “power savings of 40-70% are realistically achievable in comparison to conventional cooktops.” Because there is no transfer of heat between the stove and the pan, no heat is lost in the air. To give you an idea, a medium pot of water can be boiled in around ten seconds, which is very impressive if you used to boiling water on a gas to ceramic cooktop.


After reading this article I’m sure you will agree that induction cooktops are more safer and efficient way of cooking food, without loosing any cooking quality. Even though this technology is different, you can still use your old pots and pans, just as long as they are magnetic (most are, and you can check by placing a magnet against the metal), so there should be no need to buy completely new cookware. To concludeFind Article, any way to cook food while saving time and while cutting electricity costs is a definite thumb’s up by me.

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